Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, July 3

I'm having an off day.
I'm a wee bit on edge.

Ramp Project (Stage Two) was forestalled by the distinct lack of standard 3/8" plywood at the lumber yard.
Of course, I only realize this after loading a cart up with two giant 3/4" plywood sheets and two 1/4" sheets of masonite.
I have to wait for next week... 'cuz I have to rent their van to bring the wood home and I'm only doing that once. :)

Heavy rain today.
Lots and heavy.

Did a grout-repair job in our shower and ripped out a little hole in the wall to fix a "wet-shower-leaked-through-problem-grout" spot.
The repair is ongoing... :)

Ribs for dinner.
Corto's famous ... and unparalleled best-ribs-in-the-universe for dinner.

~ nice shorts...
~ interpretive dance tee...
~ yeah... job jar, and ignoring the rain.
~ wanted to go to the gym... but I put that off till tomorrow morning... and go with zee.
~ more basement cleaning - read: "do you want to keep this toy? No? Good" (Pile One) "and this one? Yes? You sure? Yes?" (Pile Two).
~ going for family game night... going to make everyone play a board game... "Playing a Game, Unplugged".
~ that bardiva makes it to Daniel Boone...
~ to send a little love to darkbay... just 'cuz...
~ and that zaxwrit would take and post before and after pictures... :)

and suddenly everything I own is too big.
weight hasn't changed.
I weigh about 156-159... with only a long sigh and short flush between them.
But it must be moving to different parts of me because everything is very lose.

Having anger management issues on account of EBay.
I can't convince their system to mail me my freaking user id...
It's the one user-id and password combo that I seem to constantly lose track of.
I NEED to figure it out though...
because "Naked Cell Phone" (the folks I ebay bought my cell phone case "the speck" from) are offering a replacement...
IF I can find my ebay records for the purchase. gah.

I got our "fire permit" today.
Brush fires, camp fires, open air fires.
We're going to make a camp-fire pit. :)


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