Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, July 2

~ and so it starts...

Step one of the "build a quarter pipe" project...
Lumber and the coping bar.
I cannot get 3/4 inch plywood home in or on my car.
So that means I need to borrow a really big car or a truck...

Beautiful morning.
But that ended completely by 11.
Rain ever since. :)
In fact... when I was taking the kids to the theater... wicked storm, pounded directly on us. :)

We set off our own "bought 'em at Canadian Tire" fireworks last night when we got home from the big show.
They were the most awesome'est freaking home-fireworks in the universe.
Seriously. (Freak'en loud too... hellooooo neighbors..... LOL.

~ shorts... tee... all day. :)
~ make waffles, whip cream and strawberries for the boys when I dragged 'em out of bed...
~ eh... gym with Geo around the lunch hour...
~ home depot with Geo a little later...
~ make dinners (z has training over dinner hour, so she and I have dinner late on Thursdays...)
~ drive Geo to two friends houses (picking up) and drop the lot off at the local AMC.
~ and now is now... relaxing on the sofa.
~ for some good news to find it's way to byron... I hope things work out.
~ that my happy friend, canuckgirl, enjoys the long weekend.
~ for ninneviane to get the kitchen cleaned up...
~ and that tomorrow makes today worth while... in the land of kristiseriously

You know how they say "a rising tide raises all boats" and feed it to you as a business alegory?
Let's have a closer look.
All the boats rise... to the limit of their anchor lines.
The giant ships... no problemo. Give'er.
Not enough resources?
You little boats... you are swamped.
So much for the wonderful rising tide.
But wait... all things being equal, the tide goes back out.
And the agile little boats, with shallow drafts... rule!
Oh... I see. The government doesn't like little boats.
So they fill up the harbor, without a thought for those short anchor lines.

I'm reaching the conclusion that the most value I take from Twitter...
Is the tweets I get from the companies and quazi famous people.
Like... Alan Cross (music guru guy), or "Uncrate", or Futureshop...
Semi-strangers flirting with each other in 140-character-efforts...
That may be fun for them but ... it makes me feel like a retarded voyeur.
The jury is still out. :)

Just say'en...
You can go almost anywhere with a snap of kitty yawning after she wakes up. :D

~ see ya. :D

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