Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, July 1

Happy Canada Day. :)

Yeah, so the whole messed-up-days-of-the-week thing soldiers on.
My brain has today down as a Saturday.
The whole world (er... here, in my world) is off work, except the wonderful folks making time and a half at Starbucks.
So today is a national "breather day".
Of course, a great many Canadians use today as an excuse to cavort... drink... party...
They're the smart ones. :D

Oh, and the weather-idiots called for cloud, t-storms, and general rain all day.
So far... no rain.
Lots of sun though.
(freaking awesome day!!! - but there are some scary clouds on the horizon. :D)

~ eh... nice shorts, and a white tee...
~ up at 9:00... at the skatepark by 10:00... meet a friend there... a junior middle ager... whom I had drag out his three year unattended skateboard... we had fun till noonish...
~ home to go strawberry picking with Suz, the boys and our additional boy... lots of berries.
~ home again... and then pack up after lunch to go to the Celebration (Kanata Recreational Park - KRP... hahaha... - it's a great park - it's where one of the skate parks is at. But today... it's giant air filled bouncy things, paint ball, mid-way rides, dumb-ass-games, and a stage. We came for some rides... and cotton candy.
~ dropped off our charge... he's going to party with his friends till after the fireworks... when we pick him up again (thank the cell phone gods - ttcpg!!)
~ home to have a nice salmon dinner... take Geo out to meet his friends... again, to meet back with us after the fireworks... TTCPG!
~ and now it's now and I'm getting ready to head out with Suz and Ed to see the fireworks. :D
~ I had some time to even load my friends pages ... but that will have to wait till tonight. :D (Very busy day. :D)


Ah yes... the zipper. Oh how my internal organs love thee...

very little compares
to a great ass.
just say'en. :)

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