Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday Tuesday, June 30

~ can you see the screaming me? I totally think that pic is sooo cool. :D

(back from cake - I blog in broken time)
So the run-of-bad-weather starts today - well, yesterday sorta, but the forecast is all about t-storms and wet.
If I wake up and it's even remotely dry... I'm going to the big ass skate park immediately. :D

I'm sitting on the porch... (after typing the chocolate cake segue down below)
and neighbors are blasting away with the fireworks.

~ started out in dark trousers and blue stuff...
~ but it's all about khaki crappy shorts and an old cape cod tee... (imagine... my "cape cod" tee is officially old now.)
~ yeah, can't shake that "it's friday" thing...
~ but it's Tuesday, and I'm off... till next Monday. :) (weeeeeeeeeeeee). Of course, the weather idiots say "rain" for the next five days... and it's their fault, ... tyvm.
~ work work...
~ and home to bbq for the instantly-bigger family...
~ and now? ping-pong is happening... pin-ball is happening... and, I do believe chocolate cake is also happening. (gotta git... I'll be back)
~ to congratulate my super star mexican hotty friend, innerly... being a published author and all. :D (go you!!!)
~ that pasticcio has fun at the lake..
~ and for voicesinherhead... to catch a break. Now. k...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to one seriously busy little mommy sugar, kaleidoscopeeye. May your little lovelies be well, and the reasons you smile... countless. :) Have a great year.

Our Governor General (a Haitian Canadian woman named Michelle Jean ?sp?) is our head of state.
She is (pardon the pun) titular, in that we elect the PM and give a crap about the PM, but the GG gets to be the Queens hander-over'er of PM'ship,
If any of that makes sense.
Regardless... she "speaks for Canada" and today she was "receiving the credentials of the new Afghanie Ambassador.
The news made a moment out of it... because, of course, it's Afghanistan.
There was a quote from her, something like "Canada is truly connected to the people of Afghanistan and want so very much to help them..."
And then I had to swallow a little bit of throw-up.
What a total freaking load of crap.
A) We have troops in Afghanistan - dying in Afghanistan - because we're waging war, along with the rest of the has-a-pair countries, theoretically, against the purveyors of Terror.
The armed forces in the ass-hole-of-the-planet (Afghanistan) are fighting to maintain our Western way of life and peace. Pretending we're there because we give a rats ass about the Afghanistan people... is pathetic. Sure the soldiers on the ground are doing wonderful things for local people and connecting, etc. etc. blah blah blah propaganda blah... but we WENT THERE and we are STILL THERE... because we committed to fighting the terrorists on their home turf.
B) If we really gave a crap about the people, we wouldn't spend all our air time arguing about when we get to leave and turn the fighting over to someone else. We'd be "staying" until the people were fine, etc. But seriously... how the hell would that even be possible.
No... I'm no big fan of the role of the GG and I'm even less impressed when she puts words in our collective mouths, and feeds bull shit to the media.

I'm mad at my Speck.
"My Speck" is my candy shell speck iPhone case.
It's got a broken spot and another about-to-break-spot.
It's only a couple of months old.
grrr... am writing to Speck with the intention of getting another one, or wall papering the interwebs with pictures of where my speck is broken...

Clearly, I'm going to have to go buy fireworks soon... :(
(they're still going off... LOL)

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