Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 29

~ my order from "Bay Area Amusements" arrived.
A complete rubber-ring kit for our pin-ball machine.
(The rings have never been replaced... since 1974!)

~ score!!!

k... beautiful day... until the dinner hour.
Then rain. Lots and lots of blessed - I don't have to water the garden - rain. :D

And not bad for a monday in general.
This Wednesday is Canada Day... so a National holiday.
Government work sites are split between three groups...
One is taking M & T off, another is taking T & F off, and the third is just... off all week.
So it's a bit of a ghost town at work. :)

~ it's a monday... so beige trousers, but NO tie... just a nice shirt. :)
~ again, that monday thing... except seeing as it's the summer holidays... I got to wake up alone, and quietly deal with my own shit instead of making everybody else breakfast and associated "get on that bus" stress... :D Kinda love the beginning of summer holidays for this very reason... well, that and the idea that I don't have to make anybody lunch except myself. :D :D :D
~ gym at lunch... went with coworker-john.
~ picking up my nephew after work... he's staying with us while his moms away this week... he's 17 but ... apparently he's being punished for misbehaving, so "we" are his punishment. Seeing as I don't agree with what he's being punished for... and that there's no venue to talk to my SIL about this kind of thing... I'll just make sure a week at club-corto isn't so bad. :)
~ that phenomenull recovers from the lack of recovery options.
~ to send a basket of corto-love to my friend amythyst... no reason... just because...
~ that angela... er.. pasticcio enjoys leaning up against the jeep... and dresses... appropriately.
~ and to remind nerdular... that's she's earned "happy" and now would be a good time to collect.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to my little nancy... er... cybersweetie :D Have a wonderful birthday little sugar and I hope you find this years passing to be like warm silk brushing past you... a sensation to bring a smile to your lovely lips. :)
And to my friend caroline75... who (along with Carlos) brought a little baby into the world the other day... :D (isabella). Congrats, btw. We've been friends here since before Carlos!!! I remember those days... the days of finding him and ... of finding yourself. It is a truly inspirational and wonderful thing to see you celebrating your birthday in such a wonderful place. May this year keep you and your little family safe and happy. :D

After the gym... I pull my car into the Starbucks drive-thru lane.
The speaker is fine, but I think the girl inside was having a little trouble with her headset.
Her voice was very spotty... blotchy... with blank spots and ... basically like a "the other guys" in a cell phone commercial focused on "Can you hear me now."
So I responded with ...
"Ye_ I'd Li__ a Gra___ P___ with ____ eeeam, ___ease. ___nk y__"
... just to be a dick. :D
then I repeated myself properly... :D
Apparently they all have headsets on and can replay it...
Well when I got to the window they guy was still wiping away tears of laughter.
"Here... this is on us for the best laugh of the day...".
I love free stuff at starbucks... :D :D :D

I'm not complaining... power to them...
In fact, maybe I'm just jealous.
The company I work for, makes it impossible to emulate these guys...
But I see guys walking up and down in the cube farm ... (work) dressed in shitty jeans and a tee with runners.
I mean.. wow.
When I was in my 20's... government work happened in jeans and a tee if you worked in the mail room.
Everybody else dressed - at worst - in business casual.
My first gut-reaction is to complain in my head that this is awful, but...
I know in my heart that it's actually the opposite.
It's wonderful.
"Good at your job" is a reflection of skills... not how you dress.
Sadly I still work for a company that formally dictates exactly how they want me to dress.
Although they confuse the issue by saying I can emulate the "dress code" of my clients...
which really means "Unless the client dress code is for crap, in which case, re-read the part that tells you to wear a tie."
ah well... I get away with what I can I guess.


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