Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 28

Well... yesterday was supposed to be mix of sun and rain... and today was supposed to be rain and sun.
Up until about two hours ago... no rain. :)

Got to the big park at around 11 and came home again at 1.
Just a few skaters... like six. Four twenty somethings, a couple of younglings and me...
Endless carving trails... stopping only because you're out of breath. :)
Was so much fun. :D

Cops showed up... all in a tizzy... and this one kid books it into the forest near the skate park, backpack and deck in hand.
The edge of the park is kind of up-on-a-hill... great vantage point.
The cops were chasing this kid all over the place.
We could see him thee blocks away jumping over fences to get into someones back yard, etc...
Unfortunately for young mister criminal... cop reappears - to reclaim his abandoned patrol car - with skater kid in cuffs.
LOL... it was quite entertaining.

~ plaid boxers and a pair of kind-of-plaid shorts... there's some name for this style or pattern ... but it escapes me. :)
~ up early... goof around while the sleeping monkeys grind away until noon...
~ leave before 11 to go skateboarding
~ home... and then off on a shoe buying extravaganza with the whole fam. :D
~ made these chicken quesadia (sp?) type wrap things for dinner...
~ now it's now... and I'm on the back porch ... it's cloudy and breezy and... very peaceful.
~ to congratulate little miss do-it-yourself (ninneviane)... :D
~ for the alphabet cop (sassy_red_head to get her consonant
~ and that westhill_mom has a blast finding... the little boxes, etc... :D (geo-fun!)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little jen (whataboutjen). May this next year give you the patience to enjoy the wonder that will fill your days. :)

Just sharing...
Anyone remember CFS?
Computer Free Saturdays... I still do it... for the most part. I stay off my laptop or pc and don't actually plan any time dedicated at my desk... no picture or video projects, etc.
The goal is to make sure I "do other stuff" on the weekend. Job jar, outside activities, stuff with the kids, ... stuff. :)
It's been this way ever since the gluttony of "early LJ" and my on-line blog-o-mania feeding frenzy ... I think back in year two. It's year 8?, so... many years of CFS.
(that's why I don't post a saturday "daily post")

These "muskol" bug-spray reps... two young girls in Walmart... have this green screen picture gig going on to promote their product.
I expect to get a picture in email of my head on some random lumberjack. :)
Meanwhile, I got z to snap a pic with my iphone.
Now I am tempted to put my head on many things...

~ gohead... :D

~ see ya later sk8rs. :)

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