Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 24

hot hot heat.
It's a scorcher today.
UV Ratings of about seven six billion. So, pretty much "surface of the sun" time. :D
(and to my friends in Road Runny Country... I know it's gets hotter there... but it's a dry heat. :D)

Sunshine and an embarrassment of gorgeous.

~ well... I started the day in beige trousers, a white tee under a comfy short sleeve shirt... (the one I'm wearing up there)
~ however... I've been home from work for more than five seconds, so I'm in shorts, shorty sox and the white tee is gone, tyvm. :)
~ It's Wednesday... today is my day of magic and wonder. Not only does the work day pass with a science fiction like break in the time-space continuum, simply vanishing in the blink of an eye, the "plot" (everything work related) always advances on Wednesdays, I get to go to the gym and ... baby it's hump day. It's down hill from here out. :D
~ Love the Wednesday.
~ oh, and I'm home a bit early from work because my little big man... er... George, is graduating from grade eight (I know... I know) and we get to go to a rural agricultural center (aka: Ancient Japanese Bath House) to watch a mini ceremony, and then Geo goes to "the dance". :)
~ that sirenity managed to escape from the shark...
~ for pasticcio to adjust... lots of good times are ahead. :D
~ and that chandrielle finds someone to help her get... mad skillz.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to andbeloved... may the year ahead keep you ... safe! :D Thankyouthankyou... have a wonderful birthday. :D
And to my little egg girl... Happy birthday xaheras. May there be wonderful surprises and lots of love in the year ahead.

Did you hear? North Korea is going to "wipe out" America.
The thing is... what is NKs contingency plan for ... you know... effectively ending the billions of dollars of food aid we keep giving them?
I mean... why is the news not at all interested in explaining how dependent NK is on Foreign aid?
For that matter... why is the news around here all about the US "Buy America First" policies threatening the Canadian economy and not a single word about how the US effectively dries up and blows away if we stop giving them fresh water? Hmmm? How come?
Or the Nortel exec that gets a half million dollar bonus while employees are being screwed out of their severance pay? wohoo... big news.
And does the news harp on the notion that the same exec actually invested four mill of his own money into his division last year to try and keep those people working longer?
Dude lost his four mill... so yeah... not so big a problem with the half mill bonus all of a sudden?

OMG Ryan Seacrest married Clay Aiken.

~ what?


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