Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 23

Ok so it's a beautiful beautiful day... if you had to find a problem with it, it would be the amount of heat. But screw that. :) It's gorgeous outside.

The kids finish school for the year on Thursday.
Just in time... Edward appears to be coming down with a cold (not a flu!!!)

Today has not been good... despite the beautiful weather and the twenty million things I should be thankful for.
I've been stressed and frustrated all day... and none of it for any good reason.
I hate when I get like this.
I have to actually STOP myself from overreacting in the car to slow pokes.
I think must have lost my patience somewhere and I really need to find it.

~ again with the no-tie semi business cas...
~ planned on lunch at quiznos... but forgot all about a team lunch to say "see ya" to a Team Lead at East Side Marios... so I had a giant salad for lunch - just a big ol'green salad and a coke. :D
~ home to do some weeding, making a nice dinner (chicken kiev again... got some really nice garlic, and thawed chicken breasts...
~ hmmm... otherwise... no plans.
~ to send some lj love to the lovely darkbay... just because...
~ that bondas ... gets to feeling a whole lot better...
~ for nutmeg ... to enjoy the sarcasm ...
~ and that the will-always-be-treasured nerdular ... is on a wonderful path and that she gets to enjoy it. You deserve this sugar-v...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Lori... (thisismostlyme) I hope the year ahead keeps you healthy and happy... and never too far from the folks that love you. :D
Happy birthday barefoot_dyke ... may there be conclusions on the side of folks being rational and reasonable... in the world around you.

I am unable to conceive of WHY the Canadian Border Service Agency, that just recently decided to allow their border guards to carry guns (despite the protests of the what-makes-you-think-we-care native groups) need to BUILD A FIFTY MILLION DOLLAR shooting range... literally just up the road from a similar setup for the RCMP. Can you people not share? WTF? Recession... helloooooooo?

And black people out there?
Why don't black people blog like whitey?
Oh sure... I got's me a couple on my FL... but wholly disproportionate dude...
Or ... is it that I just can't tell?
How to tell ... how to tell...
Wait? Don't white folk explode when they say the N word?
What about typing it?
Let me try... Ni#@%@#&
wicked... my computer started to buzz and the letters all changed ... by themselves.
But... black folks can say it... and type it.
If you're blacky and you know it, and you really want to show it... type the n-word.

~ dig it...
This post is coming to you FROM THE OFFICE... because I'm using the cool-as-shit-new-iPhone-feature... "Tethering" which is giving my lap top and ip address through my cell phone.

see ya.

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