Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 18

~ this is me as I conclude that the rain that STARTED AS I PULLED UP TO THE PARK was going to be bad 'nuf to turn the whole park into a greased monkey that wants to kill me.

So... a non-raining-gray morning teased me into thinking I'd get to the park.
Ha. It's been a day of rain ever since I got to the park... grrr. :D

But I did get new shoes for the gym (I've been using an older pair of very cheap skate shoes that - in contrast to the nikes I got today - weigh about six hundred pounds.)
~ and I get to go to the gym tomorrow. :)

~ plaid shorts... many different shirts... ;)
~ sleepy dazed corto wakes up kids in awesome time... calm non-freak-show-rush morning... wave as the bus pulls away.
~ smooch suzy as she heads out...
~ attack all the kitchen and main floor clean up ... befor I even realize I'm awake.
~ then start all kinds of "getting stuff done off my lists of little things that need doing".
~ this included a hair cut, Home Depot, Cost-co, SportCheck, and Farm Boy :)
~ everything went great except for the frigg'en rain thing.
~ that modernarchetype enjoys all the food...
~ for ayoub to find a way to make tomorrow ... shorter
~ and to nod vigorously, in agreement with the_bean on the mullet thing... why-oh-why!

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to the always lovely and pretty seriously awesome innerly aka, sugar-ly. May this year find your family safe, your spirits high and your angels keeping your heart in their hands.


Dude... I zoomed into McD's today to use the can and it came equipped with this baby...
This is the mack-daddy of germ blowers.

Selling a Wii Sport and Wii Fit on Kajiji (Ottawa)
(the ones I won as an office door prize)
~ get replies within minutes of posting.

~ I have way wicked short hair right now (got hair cut after that pic... :D)

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