Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 17

~ my iPhone is busy churning away at the download and install of the new "version 3.0" operating system.
~ I'm excited. :D
~ and you know, no matter what smart phone you get... it's still not as cool as this one... unless it's this one.
:) (I freaking love this phone man... I use it all day long... in the gym? On the elliptical? I watch ripped tv shows. Headphones all day at my desk, playing radio stations from around the world, or diving into my playlist... pictures... constantly taking pictures (reminds me... I really need to delete some of them... the gps / map stuff? Saves my bacon from time to time... gah... and the apps... the apps... sigh. Loves shazam...
Ok... I'll stop. :)

Today was beautiful... of course.
The weather idiots are calling for five solid days of rain, beginning sometime tonight. :(
If it hasn't started to rain by morning, I'm going to the skatepark wicked early. (taking a "me" day)
Otherwise... loads of job jar things to get into. :D

~ beige day... well, trousers
~ black tee and a pale green summer button up thing (from the fav shirt pile, tyvm)
~ it's wednesday. The day that has wings.
~ had work drama today... cool stuff, finding a big scary problem and then finding the solution. Was fun. :)
~ went to the gym. In the car, on the way to work, I marvelled at myself as I had the thought "Yeah, I 'get' to go to the gym today...". I'm following suz's trainers advice about "the biggest mistake people make with a gym... is too-much, too-fast, too-hard... and then they get an injury", so I'm sticking to M, W, F (3) significant work outs per week for a few months. I itch to go... because of how it breaks up the work day, and... truth be told, because of how it makes me feel - which is to say, ggggggreat!.
~ BBQ'd a big old stake that was on sale last weekend... awesome.
~ to send a few positive vibes out to macdatty... :)
~ to give a big virtual high five (vh5!) to wbahner... on todays twists in fortune...

Birthday moments...
happy birthday little mouse...

Here's an idea.
It's about grocery shopping, with an eye towards reducing the waste associated with your choices.
Look for good examples of what choices you can make that are worth adding to the "environmentally friendly grocery list".
Here's an example:
You know when you get meat? You can pick it off the shelf, wrapped in plastic, on a foam plate.
Or you could step to the butchers counter and get the same meat, but the butcher hands it to you wrapped in butchers paper.

A radio show was filling some space in the morning drive-time with a bit about some guy and a book on bad habits.
So... people email in or call in with examples of their own bad habits.
And one that had some traction was that he "paced the room while talking on the phone."
What exactly is the frigg'en problem with pacing while on the phone?
I don't actually think my brain knows how to operate at peak efficiency, on the phone, unless I'm pacing.

I met a woman at the gym today...
Slight of build.
She was working the stair-master,
With a back-pack.
I had a good chat with her.
She gave herself a fifttyth birthday present,
She's going with a small team to hike up mount Kilimanjaro, in two weeks.
I was much impressed.
I am much impressed.
Good luck C... I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

K... see ya, and yeah, I know I missed midnight. :)

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