Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 16

~ ok, so some random "hand through hair" moment or something but check the receding zone,
~ and you can see the well-head in the background... oddly enough it didn't come with a little hut thing or a bucket. Was very disappointed.

An amazatron day... sunshine, actually got a little hot towards the late afternoon...
but all-around gorgeous day.

~ blue ftls
~ dark trousers
~ the blue-gray shirt and a nice two tone blue tie.
~ I even brushed my hair at a non "immediately after a shower" moment
~ a busy morning sorting out a bunch of work for tomorrows weekly team-triptastic meeting (means nothing, I just need a name for it)
~ zoom away after lunch hour to get downtown, park and make my way to some "conference room" in a hotel...
~ give an hour and a half long show and tell, answer some questions... and zoooooom away.
~ pull over, get out of car, and do a few side-of-the-road prayers, facing Seattle... praise be starbucks...
~ make bbq salmon for dinner. :)
~ that murphy59 can squeeze the docs out...
~ for notcharming... my little Charmer... to get a few smiles from the gods of good fortune!
~ that jjnslat gets a recurring role on The Big Bang Theory.
~ a random wish that sweet friend with a recently operated on foot... is feeling better...
~ and that justholly enjoys the good times while they roll. :D

~ The job jar is bursting. :(
Gotta replace two screens in the porch and patch a hole in the ceiling this week on my "Thursday Friday" nugget.
(Yup yup... short week. Tomorrow is like Friday baby. :D :D :D)
shhhh... don't tell anyone.
Not... repeat NOT pleased with weather report about rain thursday and friday.
! grrr. :)

I'm pretty sure I've never heard any one sneeze as loud as I do.
It can be quite disconcerting.
lol... ah well. It's a sneeze.
It's not like I have this big choice in the matter. :D

~ k, I gotta git and water some plants. :D
See ya.

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