Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 15

~ I was wearing this shirt last monday... weird.

Today was a little schitzy with rain, clouds and sun.
Not bad for a monday. :)
We have a big day at work tomorrow so today was kind of a quiet calm.

~ kinda took it easy... no tie. :)
~ get a drive to work from zee... my car was dropped off last night for a brake job.
~ a day at my desk getting things done in paper-work land.
~ smile at my client co-worker base as they file out into buses to go on their annual staff bbq for most of the day.
~ you get a lot done in a ghost town. :D
~ the gym at lunch with zee
~ go get car from the mech with zee after work.
~ to share laperleprofonde's grief at losing those inches... :(
~ that sirenity see's that special girl...
~ to snicker at duhneese's dilemna :D
~ and that kendokamel doesn't get vanished...

I dunno if my friends from outside of Canada are exposed to the news arc over medical isotopes that were being produced at the Chalk River Nuke Plant.
Apparently... the entire freaking planet depends on the isotopes coming out of this old decrepit run down way past it's prime Nuclear Plant.
AND it's been like this... since the 70's. No redundancy, no renewal, systemic decrepitude and no back-up-plant-being-built-anywhere.

How can something as important as this... be run like the worst company in the world?

a peek at the pin-ball machine.
My dad and I went and bought it when I was like... thirteen?
We bought it off a vending machine company.
I recall splitting the price at the time, but I suspect that there's more to that part of the story than I ever knew. :)
My folks are moving and downsizing a little... so I finally get to get "my" pin-ball machine.

From above...

And ... well, with Ed. :)

So this guy is sitting there, looking at porn, and killing the snake when his girlfriend walks in!
"What? Shut that off... you don't look at porn. I should be enough for you!"
"Ok sweety... you got it."
Later that day...
He walks over to his girl and tosses her a squeezer of veggi oil, a blue spandex dress and a butt plug with a tail attached.
"Hey honey. The guys are coming to watch the game, and I'm gonna get drunk.
I'm thinking I'll wanna see some squeaky anal when I crack it later.
Can you be ready by around 12:30?"

~ later skaters... er... sk8rs...

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