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Friday, June 12

Gotta love fridays. :)
Today was a great big zoom thing ...
Some gym, another presentation... gah!!!
And finally getting zee's car back from the folks who put new doors on it. :)

Tonight is all about relaxing and I think I'm going to watch ... er, I think it's called "Ghost Rider" (nicki cage)

~ didn't get my "friday jeans" fix...
~ nice trousers, no tie. :)
~ from the minute I get to work, it's all about one "hurry up" moment after the next...
~ I broke for the gym a little early and ended the day with another show-and-tell moment.
~ every day this week! (and two more huge ones next week...sigh)
~ ... burgers on the bbq. :)
~ that lisabella has loads of alloe.
~ to send some smiles down mexico way to innerly
~ and that nine days of joy fits well with billie0's schedule. :)

From time to time the security guards at the building's front desk will greet a friday morning with a big old box of TimBits (donut "holes") on the counter.
It's a nice gesture and I always grab one. :)
So on Tuesday... co-worker-dude and I are heading down, through the lobby, to go to the next building over on the campus.
Dreams come true moment... the security desk has a big ol'box of proper donuts and a pile of napkins. SCORE!
We pop it open and each grab one (maple dip, thankyouverymuch)...
half way through this pleasure, and about to turn on our heels and hit the doors...
We look up.
And there, at the sign-in register is this east indian dude in a suit getting his visitor badge...
Making his Oh face.
~ omg... I lost it.
We were all hug'en before it was over...
~ never a dull moment.

song... this song came into my head a week ago.
I could only half remember it... I hadn't heard it... I just sorta up and remembered some moment that I had been listening to it, blah blah blah...
And last night... it just scrolls randomly past on my FPs.
Clearly the Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster favours me.
Fuck'en eh!

~ have a great weekend muchachos... y muchachas... :D

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