Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 10

~ in reality... I am not being attacked by a scary flying creature or a tremendously tall assailant. I'm just making a dorky face...

I don't really remember what kind of a day it was... I'm pretty sure it rained at some point but ... I never noticed.

Another presentation today... big giant room, full of people.
It's the same subject... over and over... but to vastly different groups of people,
So each occasion has to be customized to hit each specific groups hot buttons.
I'm pretty sure I'm making it look easy (my boss is digging it)
But it's exhausting.

~ dress-up clothes... (see above)
~ Wednesdays go by so freaking fast it's like they don't even exist anymore.
~ and it included a gym trip at lunch. :D
~ for some very peaceful vibes to catch up with teasdale and take gentle care of her...
~ that 1ginacolada relaxes and remembers that her friends know how busy she is... :D
~ for jloopy to magically get better over night...
~ and that kaleidoscopeeye ... finds the right vibe. :)


I'm sooooooo exhausted. :)
I have to get to bed...
If I start now... I'll prol'y get there by 1.

~ :)

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