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So, after several questions...
Here's a short talk about how to make the "multiples".

There's more challenge in doing them with daylight... and a pretty nice result.
But indoor "lighting only" would prol'y be fine. :)

So all I do is set up a tripod with my camera and use the timer setting (or get a helper. :D)

Use the image resizer that comes with windows (google MS Power Toys and go download it, you get "resize picture" on your right-click)
Or resize the pics with photoshop ... whatever works... but the pictures fresh out of your camera... are prol'y HUGE.

So I start with the pic that has the subject (me, for example) that is the 'farthest away' as the BASE (Layer One).

Then I use a lassoo or some image trimming tool, to cut myself out of the next picture... doesn't have to be perfect because the camera doesn't move, so any background bits will "line up".
Next, next, next... Just copy / paste'ing each new me cut from each successively less "back" image of myself, finishing with the image closest to the camera.
JUST DON'T MOVE ANYTHING!!! (except the person!)

I use PhotoShop.


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