Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, June 8

~ that's it... the thing I'll give the artist as an idea and
then see where we go from there.

It was beautiful out today!! (the weather idiots called for increasing cloud and rain... it got cloudy... when the sun went down. :)

Dropped off z's car at the dealership to get the new-doors thing sorted. Oddly enough, they have to have it till thursday.
I'm hoping that means there'll be a paint job in it. :D bwahahaha...

~ and a good day was had in the house of corto.
Geo was back at school after his trip. I have to post a pic of him.
He's ... so tall, big.... full size. It's just amazing to me.... :D
Ed had a field trip today that suz went on... a nature-trail thing. There were water guns and lots of fun.
Suz ... well, see "Ed" above... :D
And I have been enjoying my days at work lately, so ... no surprise there. :D

~ monday's best, with the tie and the beige vibe. :)
~ although, it's all about shorts and a tee now.
~ find a co-worker that was going to the gym and hitch a ride... who shall remain nameless...
~ this turned out to be a 10:30 am till 11:30 quickie thing. (please use both hands to remove head from gutter)
~ very seriously digging the working-out thing. I know I'll never be all muscley... (not the goal) but I can totally grok the good vibe I'm feeling from it. :D)
~ that jenlovefl2003 feels a little better tomorrow...
~ for pixiecup to enjoy a little turn of fortunes...
~ and to send buckets of hope out to barefoot_dyke...

Birthday moments...
Happy Birthday redfenix... who is, btw, my "a top secret journaler". (when I look, all the text is white on white... so I "select all" to read. :D (and yes, it looks normal on my Fps. :D) Happy birthday sugar... May the year ahead bring good times and parents that learn to "get it".
And a very happy birthday to blonnie... a remarkable young woman. I hope this next year keeps your darling little girl safe, your husband happy and your smile burning up the SD cards in your camera!!!

The el'cheepo light fixture... the dusted-white-glass-bulb-cover thing that clamps over the fixture on the ceiling??? that thing....
The one in the pantry. (The PANTRY... with all the food).
Yeah... if fell off the ceiling.
Porcelain tiles.
Pantry door was closed.
It still covered the whole kitchen floor (little slit at bottom of door).
What a pain that was to clean up. gah!!

Triple Shot ("grande" cup) Breve Latte.
What I used my latest "have a coffee on us" coupon from 'bucks. I love all the free stuff they lay on you when they muck something up. :)
Actually I just really dig starbucks. (as I sit here sipping my breve latte that I just made in the cafe roma... - thank you Jay... oh my captain)


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