Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, June 7

It's all cloudy and stuff today... may even rain.
... and I don't care. :)
I've had three glorious days of sunshine and happiness. :)

Yesterday was a trip to the gym in the late morning for an "assessment" with Suz's trainer dude.
We went for more test drives and to work more car numbers... Stupid cars... stupid.

Then it was all about making a good dinner... (We're near the end of an "eat the freezer" zone... finishing off all the crap in the freezer.)
and when the kids were sorted and suz relaxing with a coffee...
I left for the big-ass skate park.
Total blast... spent two hours trying to remember how to do whata I could manage last year.
Gonna have to try to learn something new. :)

~ right now? the stuff I woke up in ... with khaki shorts pulled on too.
~ shower...
~ shave...
~ get the kids fed...
~ leave to go grocery shopping
~ see a man about a horse...
~ home and over to parents house for dinner.
~ and tonight? I got nuth'en. :D Maybe watch a movie...
~ to smile at smooshiefaceinc... because she's flippen gorgeous... er... yeah.
~ that little miss pish... er... mspish manages to get right and comfortable on the same page.
~ that celtic_bairn had fun in Ottawa... wishing I had realized!!!!
~ and to send some love out to teasdale... may there be comfort. :)

oyi... busy day... and I gotta git. :)

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