Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, June 4

You want to have my day.
'cuz unless you have a seriously mf outstanding day going on...
My day was better than yours.
I mean, sure... I have bad'ish days...
Today, however, was not one of them.
so yeah... win. :)

Sunshine and go mental overdosing on it.

Lets see... here's the rundown:
~ wake up, get Ed sorted, fed and off to school... wave to suz as she heads out to work...
~ put on crappy clothes and go at some more weeds (I'm almost finished weeding the entire front yard... must cut it tomorrow morning).
~ make a lunch, clean up the kitchen, take a shower, fold laundry...
~ pack the car with skateboards and go!
~ hit "mr lube" for an oil change... starbucks to juice up... and then drive to brockville and follow my gps to...
~ a "tots only ice skating rink" at the BFE side of town... because I am an idiot.
~ drive back across town to the proper park... and find a groovy skate park... middle of school day... equals... park to myself. :D
~ play play play play play...
~ drive home, meet Ed, pick weeds, make dinner, water garden and then sit down to write this stuff. :D
~ hi. :D

~ khaki cargos, or black jeans... depending on what part of the day we're talk'en about... :)
~ to get my oil changed... and to go to brockville and see if their new skatepark is all that...
~ bask in the glory of a perfect day? yeah... some of that...
~ oh, and be home by 3:15 'cuz that's when Ed gets home and Geo's still away. Ed is 11, and can be "home alone" but still....
~ that chandrielle gets to europe...
~ for laurel714 to join me in smoothy heaven. :)
~ and that tomorrow is a new and wonderful day in the life and times of ayoub...

Brockville... 2007 skate park...


It's nice... some really top rate trick-box stuff... but eh...
Seriously... the big ass honk'en park in ottawa (legacy@centrepoint) is way better.

Tomorrow is going to be fun too... just 'cuz. :)

~ see ya. :)

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