Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, June 3

~ me... late in the afternoon, listening at a conference table. :)
~ and no matter how I look... I'm literally bubbling with excitement because I'm only a couple of hours (at "click time") away from the beginning of a long weekend.

It was totally... ridiculously... beautiful out today.
And tomorrow is supposed to be even better. :)
So I'm thinking I'm going to zoom to Brockville tomorrow morning to see the big skatepark they build last year... :)
Sun block and pads... :D

~ all dressed up for "show and tell" today
~ big day. :)
~ the "wednesday meeting" morning... and this went well. (working a new process with a team and, you know... things can go either way with a group... and it went great. :D)
~ made the gym for the lunch hour... and it went great.
~ and the presentation to the uber grand formage of the org I've been working at for the first half of the afternoon... and it went great too. :D
~ so yeah... a great day.
~ Geo is off to Quebec City on his grade eight grad trip...
~ so suz and I took Ed to the small town ice cream parlor after our dinner. (our house is near a town called "Carp" - so many jokes!!! - it's a nice little town.)
~ now it's kinda late... there's been some read'en with Ed and cleaning things up... but now it's end game en route to bed. :)
~ to send some big warm moments of hopefulness to my... little... nut... meg... er... nutmeg
~ for modernarchetype to... find the center... and hold on. :)
~ that whataboutjen gets better...
~ and that wbahner has an excellent Thursday!!

Rest in peace David Eddings...
So long and thanks for all the fish.
That is to say... your stories underscored a grand part of my life.
Thank you.

So... we've decided that Suz's infinity is "too much car" to be dubbed a "family car".
We're going to trade it in ... add what ever is needed... and get another car.
This lead to some test drives at a Honda dealership last Saturday.
Fun. :)
We wanted to start our search with a completed process as a benchmark.
So we had them eval our trade-in.
Dude came back after guessing... and gave us a much lower price...
... based on some rust he found (and could easily show us) on the doors (the part between the windows).

Flash forward to yesterday, and we visited the Nissan/Infinity dealership at lunch to test drive a couple of their cars.
I asked the service manager to come and explain the rust problem to me.
blink blink.
Service Manager has our car booked in this monday to get four new doors... all free... as a "mfg defect".
SCORE... 'cuz the trade in value just jumped way back up. :D

I love how the stars align sometimes. :D :D

I am very fortunate.
This I know.

Idea Factory:
~ web based company offering risk assessment services.
Does not exist... domain is available.
go 'head... get rich and famous.

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