Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, June 2

"Not the claw... the claw... the claw..."
Ah yes... the wonderful memories of racial slurs as television humour.
("get smart", circa 1100 BC)

But never mind that... that lawn over my head... that has had (so far) 3 garden waste bags full "to the line" of freaking weeds.
I am the Silver Surfer of weed'ish revenge.
~ although mostly I'm tired in that pic. :)
One side of my face... appears to be remarkably more tired than the other.

It was a beautiful day.
No gym but more test-driving with Z over the lunch hour.
We're planning to get rid of the g35x.
It's just too much car to call it a family car.
la la la....

~ this week and next are the "weeks of many presentations"... the "do" stage of a big communications plan.
~ today was show number one for this series.
~ next week... one of them is in a freaking ball room at some downtown hotel. If I need a mic*... I may be forced to break into song.
~ and nobody wants that... believe me.
~ packing up Geo for his three day school adventure to Quebec City tomorrow. :)
~ cynnerth enjoys the missing weight from her heart...
~ that pasticcio is digging her virtual... ness... :)
~ for murphy59 to keep enjoying the little things... and gets his mittens on some coffee...
~ and may tomorrow go great!! for macdatty

Now a truly "American Owned" car company, GM is about to kick off a five year run at chopping itself to pieces and rebuilding...
In exactly the fashion necessary to maximize bonuses and incentives for an elite group of executives.
Necessarily there will be the worker bees and the "organization" that makes it all possible, but there will be very little done to reward that layer of the process.
You watch... you'll see.
Worst case: Generations of taxpayers suffer the consequences.
Best case: see "worst case".

Holy "Dish-it-out-can't-take-it" Man
If it was staged from stem to stern... there's no real pay off for Mr. 8 Lousy-Miles.
Likely somewhat staged... and ruined because The Insulter couldn't tea bag for MTV.
ar ar ar...

My brother... is an exhibit designer SLASH industrial designer.
My brother is in Missouri ... building a castle at a theme park.
~ beams. :D

*the acuostic tool... not the red head... ack!!
omg, see, I had to look "mic" up in the wiki-everything because it suddenly stopped looking like the right way to spell what sounds like "Mike" but is short for microphone. First definition had me carefully considering the entire history of my blogging life and how many times I thought I was saying microphone... fortunately I continued to read. :)
move along... there's nothing to see here. All racial slurs used here are funny in the opinion of the artists and do not reflect the opinions of management.

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