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Sorry... but it's all coming together here and I gotta let it fly for a bit... I got happy feet (a 'tappen under my desk) and big-assed smile crawling across my face. It's what? Like 10:30 and I've finished half the days work and just came out of a meeting that tells me I am ahead of my curve on the stuff I thought I was behind in. Somebody else told me they liked this shirt... guess I'm gonna have to take a picture.

All this work-ahead-of-schedule stuff means that fer sure I'm going package buddy shopping at lunch! And I am in a dam fine mood... I have that infectious happy thing happening... This is the exact moment - emotionally - that I should be having sex! No seriously, off-the-wall happy and under the sheets pleasing your lover is just such a phenomenally great combination. Where's those altoids?

haha... later Lj...

ps. Just 'cause I haven't told the entire world lately... I'm in Lj Love with the Gnomerific Chicketta! (ok, that was Lj love... don't get yer panties in a bunch.... :D)
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