Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 29

Ya see that? Ok... iPhone pic at 4:40, that i just processed - hence the later time stamp...
This is what I arrive to see in the parking lot that is normally packed with consultant and employee cars...
And this is the crappy parking lot "over at canadian tire - across the street" versus the one that's actually behind the building that is long-time full. No consultants there...
If the idea of leaving 20 minutes before five seems ... "slacker like"... may I present exhibit A...

~ black jeans, gray tee and an nice'nuf shirt. :)
~ busy day - as all working Fridays seem to be... testing a new process out on the client organization... and it needed hand holding today. :)
~ excellent work out... I'm always so surprised that I make it to the end of my cardio goal on the big-ass machine... arms and legs going on this eliptical thing... lots of buttons and red diods. :) After cardio comes the "tour de Machine" and then free weights... I do my stretching at night. :)
~ made chicken kiev again... :) It was better than the greatest chefs in history could possibly have made it... because none of them learned how to make it from my mom.
~ now is now... it's like, 8:30... I'm on the sofa with my lap top (and a new "laser mouse" thing... teeeny tiny little dongle in the usb port and this cute little red mouse. :) works well on the sofa. LOL. The "click one of these options would ya..." screen of Ratatoui is waiting patiently on the television screen. We've never seen it... but ... any minute now. (and I know I prol'y spelled that wrong... and I could have googled and corrected... but that would be bowing down to the spelling nazis. You knew what movie I meant... so I don't have to spell it correctly now do I? !! :D
~ that things keep going as well as they are with work. (this has the potential to be the best summer in a long time... :D It's already down as the first one without massive work pressure stress in ... I think six years. :D
~ to send some hopeful vibes and lots of love out to barefoot_dyke... just 'cuz...
~ for a wonderful world of opportunity to stretch out in front of the Master... er... innerly. Congratulations sugar-ly. :D
~ and that things somehow turn ... into lemonade for arlyn. :)

It's hard to explain this without visual aides... and believe me, I'm thinking I could have fun sorting that out...
However, it would have the net effect of turning this into corto porno instead of a commentary on what amounts to a national... neigh, an international fashion emergency.
So, let me explain... in the imperfect medium of ... text.
The thong... not the cute little jesus slipper... the sugar-panties of the 90's that are now fully entrenched in the frilly-bit's drawers of western women,
... the thong came into vogue - in out of the cold, outter edges of trashy to the center... of everything, when women were wearing tight cotton jeans... all the time.
Oh sure, skirts, dresses, etc... fine.
But then... along came the 20-oughts... (years after 1999, i.e. 2000-and-now) and with the 2000's the rise to dominance of a new spin on good ol'fashioned cotton.
a light, somewhat stretchy fabric, tailored into pants that are everywhere from the gym (giggidy giggidy) to the work-place and everywhere in between.
Here's the thing...
The cliche thong is a 'strap'... not a strand. The g-string takes care of the strand zone... but the strap comes in various ... um, weights.
What they share is how the design affects the upper reaches of a womans ass when there is no tight pair of jeans in the offing.
That ... tirangle of fabric, leading to an inch - even more sometimes - wide strap of elasticized cotton, presses out on the unrestrained butt cheek.... forming a dent.
The once naturally curvy cheek and tortuously intriguing hinterland of the ass-crack has vanished... and has been replaced with what amounts to post radio-theft-dash-board behind a comfortable cotton fabric curtain.
My vote is for g-strings or boy-cut panties... or find a thong with a 1/2 or 1/4 inch STRAP and a tiny tiny triangle. You owe it to your ass crack. :)
Thank you for your concern about this deeply troubling issue. :)

~ alrighty then... off to tv land. :)
see ya.

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