Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 28

~ Hervey is coming back!!!

Hey!! Tomorrow's friday!
Rain and lots of it... even may get a thunder bubble in the middle of the night.
But it's s'posed to be nice on the weekend.
I'm totally liking the way the weather is laying itself down.

~ nice trousers... nice sweater.
~ to stress that I have not yet succumbed to the amazingly dressed-down all-the-time work-culture at my clients worksite.
~ today was "pretend wednesday" with the big meeting and all that goes with that...
~ and tonight was a friend of Ed's visiting while the two of them finished practicing their music project
~ that militantmomma finds closure...
~ for mspish to get to spin...
~ and to point at odyssey_road and yell "scary robin... scary robin."

Canada Pension, the government agency, lost something like 25 billion in the market crap-out, because they are a big ass investor.
But they really need to entice the super-execs that piloted their ship down the 25 billion loss parade to stay...
So they've paid out about 18 million in bonuses the top ... what... six people.
They officially are ON THE LIST!!!
(crazy-eye face time)

Acquaintances try not to notice your mistakes.
Friends forgive you for your mistakes.
Good friends never judged you in the first place.

Just out in the news...
Carrying on the strength of her recent success,
Lady Ga Ga has just released her sophomore super single
"Poker Ass"
Oh the chorus is just grand....

~ k... time for bed. :)

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