Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 27

~ caption?

It's all about the rain.
Chilly... so ... ideal for growing grass.
As in lawn grass doofus...

~ dark trousers... nice casual no-tuck ... blue.
~ of course it's in the hamper now... and all I have is this black tee. :)
~ well it was a wednesday... but our weekly big-deal-meeting was postponed till'tomorrow... so tomorrow is wednesday... sorta...
~ made it to the gym... feeling outstanding about all that...
~ to send a little hope out to agateway...
~ I could get a virtual standing ovation going on for kimmellee
~ and more applause (apple sauce) for bardiva as she gets all moved in.

The Prop 8 thing.
It seems awkward to perceive "law" as something that gets done, undone, redone, and redone again...
Make no mistake... it is.
This happens all the time. (well, "all the time" in the glacial scales that measure legislation)
But it usually has little to do with anything as in-your-face as Prop 8.
The voices on the tv are screaming, crying, and begging for it to be Overturned.
And when it is... there will be voices screaming, crying and begging for it to be re-instated.
So what I'm saying is... KEEP UP THE FIGHT.

Heard this from a voice on the radio sometime in the last week. That's all I got, in terms of remembering where...
And... of course, this could be something that everyone knows... but it was a wonderful new "think" for me.
When you go on a trip, or begin an event ... pick out some new music... buy a cd (lol... ok, fine, download) of something that you've sampled enough to know it's going to be at worst "ok"...
And listen to it a lot when you're on the trip, doing the event, whatever... ... but not so much when you get home or finish or whatever... :D
This helps your brain establish an index for the data representing the experiences you've had on (for example) your trip.
When you hear that music ... you're brain will be able to bring back a more detailed memory ... a longer lasting vibrant memory... than if you hadn't.
Is cool.

Have I mentioned that I love Phinius & Ferb? (And I don't care if spelled that wrong...)
~ I recall era's in parenthood as a function of what kids show I was digging at the time...

k... see ya soon. :)

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