Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 26

~ I am surrounded by beauty. :)

c-c-c-cold this morning.
But it got nicer.
And the weather people continue to be general idiots.
Now, of course, it's s'posed to rain the rest of the week and be cold.

This would be a good thing actually because I just laid in a bunch of soil and grass seed... :)

~ beige day... a sweater was involved and there was no tie.
~ getting trippy with work going all mountainous an'stuff.
~ pick Geo up at the Orthodontist...
~ cost-co, return shorts, get other shorts (gym)
~ home to make lasagna (sp?) and then a bunch of yard work.
~ and now it's now... random tv, laptop and planning to play magic-the-gathering. :)
~ to send some love to lisabella... just 'cuz...
~ for lianna's little friends... recover as near-liquid foods make a big splash.
~ and that voicesinherhead can hold onto the best memories.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss g... (ginger_g)... hope you're finding the things you're looking for.
And happy birthday to long lost and always dear indigojo. I hope there are angels watching over you. And note... there were potentially angles watching over you until I decided it looked funny.

So now I'm getting fb friends from "work" as in the client site.
This is a function of working there for so long ... in that I've actually started to build relationships and form friendships.
Most engagements are too short for this sort of thing.
It is not a good thing to go too long like that.
So I'm enjoying this.
That being said... we shall see what comes of yet less on-line anonymity.
I've been outed with the galactic core work friends for a few years now and nothing evil has happened.
Although I am painfully tempted to begin just putting outrageous lies into the backdrop of my on-line blah blah blah... (or bbb for short).

To follow up on something I mentioned earlier...
Seriously dude... those "personal trainers" do not screw around.
And the people - mostly women - I see being worked over by the trainers...
Props to them man.
That is hard work.
And I find it very easy to see those people as the person they are trying to be.

(Personally, I'm enjoying self-directed... and my natural laziness plays a role in that decision. :)

K... time to jet.

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