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'mornin Lj.

~ it's a swish swish monday... note that this is a ref to my very loud swish'ing cargo pants... pockets pockets everywhere.
~ brand spanking new snug, black f.o.t.l. boxers
~ brand new short sleeve button up shirt from b.u.m. (I really like this shirt!)
~ just enough D&G!
~ to totally focus on two goals at work today... , and some proposal that keeps getting re-written...
~ to go to bed early enough to rip a page from laura's book!
~ we actually go to bed early enough to rip a page...
~ that this week goes as well as it feels like its gonna.
~ that I would hear from my pal Laini... how are you sugar?

Ok, this week is prol'y going to kick some serious butt... I'm basing that notion on the intensity of emotions that have carried me through the weekend... read: I had a really great weekend. Oh, and fun - I bought like six new shirts and when I came home my buddy from South Africa was online so I tried on all the shirts for her using the web cam... to help decide if I should take any back. Did the same thing with Z later and the opinions matched... I'm keeping them all and wearing the one that got such nice reviews. Goofy as it sounds, it was really kinda cool try'en on clothes for someone across the planet... You made me smile a bunch Nola.

ps. there's this sweet lady in a paisley dress totally passed out on my shoulder on the buss.... hahaha... I wonder if we've missed her stop... opps here's mine - gotta go.

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