Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 24

~ there I am. :D
~ waving at ya. :) Been work'en on that lawn all weekend. :)

So friday night was the big "I kill you" moment with my computer.
It was back to running, all patched and ready for action before I went to bed... (never mind what time I went to bed)
But it's still sitting there waiting for various programs to be installed.

All that aside... the weekend has been pretty excellent. :)
mad consumerism yesterday, lots of yard work in the daytime.

Move'en hoses around... getting the thirsty lawn well watered... I'm surrounded by people with irrigation systems.
I'm a little jealous. But dude... it would cost from 5 - 8 grand to do it here and you'd... do it right the first time.
So I'm putting my "first time" off for a while, and....
... move'en hoses around. :)

~ khaki cargos... kinda slobby. :)
~ to take Ed to a birthday party at a go-cart place... and bring zee and Geo so we three could go carting whilst Ed had his party... :) (was fun. :D)
~ I had more weekend... :( Ah well... Weekends tend to ... come again. :D
~ that tonya enjoyed the 25...
~ and that uniclycommon finds a solution...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a very infrequent flier on LJ Air... but always appreciated Ms. morganofthefay. I hope all is well with you and your family and that the year ahead keeps you safe and happy. :)
Happy birthday to jloopy too... (happy tattoo'ing too!). I hope there is peace... and lots of room for smelling roses. Enjoy the year ahead. :D

Enjoyed Taken. Predictable... but fun. :)
Laughed out loud at Yes Man.

Gotta git. :) Busy evening.

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