Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 23

I actually got called by Rogers (ISP) to tell me I had 48 hours to clean up a virus problem I had or I was going to be cut off.
Meanwhile my desktop has been sinking into a pit of molasses and utterly failing....

So I killed it.

And now in a fit of Frankenstein'esque effort I will rebuild... reanimate... and bring it back to life.

Hi... I'm a PC.
~ why yes, it would be nice to replace it all with a MAC. Please email your credit card info to my lj email address. Thanks and I know, right?

BTW... today was awesome!! :)

~ eh... black jeans mostly... :) oh, and crummy ripped blue ones too... for the yard stuff. :)
~ up and doing the both kids off to school thing.
~ suz took the morn off to do a 10 am session with sven-the-trainer
~ and I had the intention of doing either early morning skatepark... or early morning yard work.
~ instead, I went back to bed and stunningly slept till 11:00. :D
~ It had been raining... so the skate morning was out anyways.
~ I got it together... noted some computer problems... and headed for the gym.
~ great work out... totally awesome... (can't really believe I said that... but, whatever...)
~ then... I stopped at the skate park on the way home... starbucks in my hand. An hour of ipod music and feeling skate-joy. :)
~ home to make a big "kabob" dinner and we all settled in to watch Taken as our family home movie night.
~ oh, and I cut the lawn between dinner and movie time. :)
~ that wbahner's "her"... had a safe trip and that all is well.
~ to thank sirenity for the strawberry mice idea...
~ and to smile at suburbiadaze... aka little miss matchmaker. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-twi... er... twilightsm for tomorrow (May 24). May the year ahead bring you treasures... love, health and fortune. A year of treasures. :)

So yeah... up till today, every skatepark trip this season has been ... me, alone at an early morning park.
Today was first day with the kids there.
You'd think it'd be all easy.
You'd be wrong. Not huge... just... yeah.
Today was all good... 'cuz I got past one vibe and onto the comfort zone.
Had so much fun. :)

~ today was good for me... I hope you had a good day too. :)
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