Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 21

~ yard work... :)

Aces day!
A tad bit on the windy side (big understatement... lotsa wind)
But sunshine... warm... and ... not working. :D

Errands, chores, and enjoying this day.

~ well... a big orange coverall at one point. :)
~ but mostly shorts and a tee.
~ up with the boy... letting the little one sleep... he's staying home with a cold. (Track and field day in the rain yesterday at school??? geez)
~ do a bunch of busy work getting expense reports and med claims together... then downtown to drop off said reports and pick up my Wii & Wii Fit board 'orama.
~ go to downtown starbucks... drive home... oh wait... stop for quick "sick kid" groceries (ice cream, etc.), get gas... rent movies... then go home.
~ and putter the afternoon away doing stuff like cutting some of the lawn, weeding, cleaning, making a nice dinner.
~ an almost ideal day. (almost 'cuz I stayed away from the skate park... I felt bad 'nuf leaving sick boy when I went downtown. He's old enough to be on his own, but he was feeling all crummy)
~ to thank sassy_red_head for sharing...
~ that pasticcio finds her fun box... er...
~ and that canuckgirl gets to feeling a whole lot better.

You know... Helo's a bit of a dick in Doll House.
Just say'en...

M1: Moderation is the key. In all things... in all ways. Be excessive, when it is called for... but otherwise heed the need to embrace moderation to thereby maintain health and happiness.
M2: Oh sure... but in this is the foundation of our religion. Man cannot hold true to moderation. He will taste of the forbidden fruit... He will commit the original sin and in this way be marked and forgiven by our heavenly father.
M1: So what you're saying is... that your religion is pretty much just an excuse for why you can't stop your sorry ass after two cupcakes?
M2: Yeah... that, and then there's the rapture thing too.

~ :)

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