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Sunday, May 17

~ see that? Yeah... I raked the whole freak'en thing this morning.
~ spread Scotts on the ugly spots... next up? Lots more rain please. (just not on this coming thursday or friday)

It's chilly today... no sun and br. :(
Ah well. It's still a weekend, so I'm good. :)

We had a family night at the movies last night...
except not in the room in the basement. :)
This time we went out to dinner and then to see Star Trek at an IMAX theater.
Big Ass Trippy Fun Man.
And the guy they cast as Kirk. I could see Shatner in there ... kinda freaky.
And Syler was an excellent choice. :)

Mad consumerism filled Sat. afternoon.
Had both boys ... returning movies (one was even EMPTY... sigh... Bolt just popped out of the DVD player), groceries, returning a pc case, buying fallout3 (for Geo), blah, blah, blah...
again... it could be worse... I could have been in an ugly cubicle at work. :) (much as I enjoy my job... I like not working much better. :D :D)

~ eh... shorts, tee, and a hoodie every time I step outside. (brr)
~ yard work all morning... and part of the afternoon. :)
~ eating... and making some bread.
~ going to the park and seeing if I can get the waterfall working...
~ thinking maybe chicken kiev for dinner. :)
~ to well and truly thank you guys... with rare exceptions... a day doesn't go by that I don't get to sit down for a few moments and find myself wrapped in curious family stories, beautiful photography, ideas, the strange, the lovely and ... it's just grand. :)
~ and to point out that the preceding does not preclude the fact that some of all'y'all are what we in the great white north call whack-a-doodle.

Birthday moments...
Happy Day Late Birthday to my forever lj friend, galebird. I hope you get to laugh and smile like a crazy person this year... just... cuz. :)

One of the best part of long weekends... is the tradition of avoiding all newscasts.

My body appears to have reached a conclusion with the weekend thing.
It has decided that waking up at 8:30 on Saturday and Sunday no matter what insane hour I go to bed...
Is exactly how things are going to go.
And I think I'm good with that.
Compared to sleeping till noon... It's like getting an extra day in the weekend... you know... to be lazy with. :)
(I know... I'm almost never actually in a position to be lazy... but a boy can dream. :D)

Yup yup... still digging the Doll House.
Actually started one at ... 3:00 AM. sigh.
Long night. :)

ps. If you're a SURVIVOR fan... don't forget the Finale is tonight. :)
(and set the pvr to tape the "reunion show" too... or you'll be mightily pissed off)

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