Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 15

The weather idiots are calling for nothing but nasty tonight and tomorrow... Sunday even...
But Holiday monday is supposed to be beautiful. (queen Victoria - she's dead now - had a birthday when she was a living, breathing queeny... and because she was sooooo special, we get a long weekend. Go Queeny-V)

Today? Today is gorgeous. I threw the skateboards in the trunk on the way out of the house today... with a wish and a prayer. :)

~ black jeans...
~ black tee...
~ nice no-tuck dark blue dressy kinda shirt.
~ to have AN EXCELLENT DAY. ... (it's work'en so far. :D)
~ work work work... client bosses are laying it on thick right now... lots and lots to do!!
~ take off at lunch... go to skate park... kinda do a cardio-jag zooming around the park with the rolling stones filling my ears.
~ leave the park after a quick fifteen minute zoom and go to gym... do my mech-zone of groovy machines to make me all strong n'stuff. :)
~ hit starbucks... and go back to work. work work work...
~ now it's now... at 4:00 and I'm seriously jonesing to get out of here. The LONG WEEKEND is calling to me ... In fact, I'll leave before I finish this... :D
~ to sing a little thank you song to raylenetaskoski... who made it possible for me to have silky [ :: coochy :: ] in the shower.
~ and to send a happy one month birthday to a little nugget in 1ginacolada's life. :)

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday to a sweet young woman... little moowazz. From coast (almost) to coast (ok, not quite) but a girl uprooted and blossoming in the wild west. May the year ahead treat you with kindness.
Happy birthday laciann too! :D I hope the year ahead keeps you in good health and close to family. :)

Digging Doll House...

Want very muchly to get my family in gear and take them to the IMAX showing of Star Trek this weekend. :D :D :D :D :D

Time to go help Geo install...
New power supply...
New video card that the new power supply can handle...
And if the new power supply is too big? Rip it all apart and install it in a new case...

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