Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 14

I got my (*)SPECK... finally.
(Thank you ebay...)
~ I like my speck. google "candy shell iphone". :)

K, it's nice out now... but it's been a heck of a day. Wind, LOTSA wind, rain, more rain, did I mention wind?


You know what I miss? I miss the old days when I could sit at my desk and read Lj at work during a coffee break or at lunch.
I mean... I could, on my iphone... but seriously? not in a very interactive way... which is what the whole bonus is made of in lj...
the "interactive" part.

Hey... Anybody buy the new Fitness thing for Wii from EA?

~ did the "pre-friday" dress up thing with my mickey tie and all...
~ I enjoy dumbing down the wardrobe after work. :)
~ Zee is going to a comedy club with some girls from work... ok, fine... women...
~ so I'm planning on playing with Ed and his homework for half the evening. :)
~ I think there's some tv in my near future... maybe some Wii.
~ to thank sleep_walker for sharing... it is always a treat.
~ for cerulean_me to keep on doing the "doing better" thing. !!! :) (sends a wee hug...)
~ to warm up pasticcio
~ and that all is as it should be for macdatty

Funny thing about the concept of democracy...
Folks get to say,
I didn't vote for you so you could make everybody happy...
Let alone a majority of people happy.
I voted for you so you'd make me happy.
A good politician remembers this.
And watches his or her rivals be crushed
Under the weight of their misplaced plain white bread approach to conflicting ideas...
... and ideologies.
Have a spine...
or at the very least...
Have an opinion.

I have been ... I continue to... enjoy my work.
This is good.

My sweet and exceptionally talented friend and world-famous artist, lindalee_ could use a new customer or ten...
So you should indulge me and just click the banner...

... and go see her stuff. There is no way you will not be impressed. :)

~ there... now I'm going to try to get Ed to do more homework.

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