Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 13 (and yes I know it's after midnight)

Busy day... but not too busy to offer up a giant


~ kind of a kitiara echo... :)

~ dressed up nice for 'wednesday' (my busiest day of the week)
~ made it into shorts the second I got home. :)
~ busy wed. starts with a big team meeting and then the rest of the day just zooooooms.
~ made it to the gym at lunch...
~ and managed to deliver the last of my homeowners-association packages to my block of homes (hand delivered because we're too late to mail stuff... the AGM is next week
~ I had just a wee more time... :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday bitchcakes_xo... I hope all is well. :)

watching doll house...
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