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Tuesday, May 12

~ a snooze-button maniac!

Eating quiznos for lunch... turkey bacon club torpedo... is the yum. :)

Seriously gorgeous day again.
Wish I would pack a change of clothes for days like this so I could stop at the skate park on the way home (hmmm ... makes plans)

~ Tuesday... and all dressed up. :)
~ of course, by the time I get to post this... I will have pulled the little tabbies out of the shirt collar... taken off the tie... tossed the shirt in the hamper, pulled the belt out... hung up the pants, swapped beige sox for shorty white sox and got all busy relaxing. :)
~ wake up... push snooze... snuggle. (6:00)
~ wake up again... push snooze... go to Geo's room... crawl into his bed... snuggle.
~ wake up again... go back to my room... push snooze... go to Ed's room... remember the time... go back into Geo's room... tell him to get in the shower... go back to Ed's room, get out his clothes for the day... put them on his bed... crawl in ... and snuggle. (6:30)
~ wake up again... get Ed dressed...
~ go downstairs with Ed and get breakfast going... Bacon and grapefruit for Ed... waffles for Geo... waffles or something for me... and feed the cat.
~ make coffee... hug and kiss Zee when she comes down (My theory is that the sound of the coffee maker wakes her up... Because NOTHING else does. :D)
~ clean up breakfast and cajole the kids into going upstairs to brush teeth while Zee packs their bags... lunches made last night, etc.
~ wave to kids as they head off to their bus... (7:15)
~ go back up stairs with zee and a nice warm cup of coffee...
~ climb back into bed and sleep till 7:45 snuggled up to zee with the radio on CBC squawking away in the background of our sleep.
~ wake up, shower, shave, dress, grab laptop bag, lunch bag, car-cup and kiss zee.
~ go to work. Usually there between 8:30 and 8:45.
~ work work work... and get my ass out of here at 4:30. :) I only take a "lunch hour" on the days I go to the gym.... M, W, F. :) (and on Sat morning with Suz).
~ tonight? No idea but I'm still hoping to watch the Season closer of Big Bang. :)
~ that whatilove remembers... it takes time to get sorted. For all of it. (and while you wait for the economy to make your photog a viable business model again... please keep snapping pics of junior. :D :D :D
~ to say how happy I am to read about happiness in the life and times of doowat. It's so rewarding to track with friends here... long enough for them to go from somewhere not-great... to somewhere wonderful. :D
~ that darkbay remembers to look under the desk for random chocolate bars stuck up there...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday queenee... where ever you are. I hope all went well with your little bundle. :)

On the one hand, the Tamil protesters that are imploring the Canadian (and other) governments to
bring political pressure to bear on the Tamil homeland (Sri Lanka) where the government is behaving like a bunch
of crazed nazis wiping out an entire segment of their social fabric. (arguably, a segment of the social fabric that
has been in a civil war with the government)They use phrases like "The time for action is now."
and "There isn't time to mess around... people are dying every minute... women, children..."

They make a good point.

On the other hand, the Tamil protesters are unwilling to stop waving the flag that Canada and other nations have
mistakenly - but officially - linked to the Tamil Tiger Terrorist organization. So Canadian political leaders say
things like "We'll listen and talk with you... but you have to stop flying that flag." The protesters reply with
objections about how unfair that is and that the only way to change things is to put it in the light and argue about it.

So which is it?

Are we in a rush to save the dying women and children... ?
Or are we all in a rush to change the Canadian governments opinion about a flag?

Does it really matter if the flag issue is wrong headed?
I thought the big deal was death, dying and killing...
I suppose we could all sit around and debate the flag thing...
How many Tamils were killed while you waved that flag today?

When the economy went into the shitter... my very first thought and comment was that it will be sad to watch how many profitable companies will use the poor economy as their excuse to lay off staff and reduce their operating costs by cutting back on all the things that make being an employee a valuable choice.
So there's this Tech company in Ottawa (and Montreal, Toronto, Virginia, Paris, London... heck... all over the world).
They (the nameless tech company) reported vast mega millions of dollars as earnings for the last quarter. Up from the same reporting period last year.
Yeah... so they provide an employee based service to government and industry. They try to avoid contracting with sub-contractors to fulfill client needs.
The line to the employee? "As an employee, you are entitled to benefits, salary, advancement, training, and stability."
The line to the public? "Our employees are our most important resource..."
The truth? "If it weren't for these employees... who actually know how to do all the stuff our clients want done... we'd be in serious trouble? They are awesome and make all the money for the company."
And the behavior? "Times are tough. They lay off hundreds of employees using the canadian-employment-standards act's clause for Temporary Lay Offs. which means they don't have to pay severance or pay out comp time, etc. etc. etc. Nothing... the employee gets no notice. Just a quick 'clean out your desk and go' moment."
Typically a "Temporary Lay Off" includes a specific statement about how long and gives a return-to-work date. There are several paragraphs in the Act to define a Temporary Lay Off. For the company in question... it only appears as a way to avoid paying severance.
Sad but true.

So she's a little big.
Bigger, by far, than she wants to be.
But she's not obese, hell no. She's not sick or damaged...
Just a woman who needs to change her lifestyle a little if she wants her physical characteristics to change.
Right now?
Right now... she has one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen.
She has adorable... gorgeous hair... just so pretty.
Her skin? Well she's clearly healthy and takes good care of herself.
I would say ... that after so many years of reading and paying attention... that I know her enough to say...
She has a heart of gold, is prone to kindness and just being wonderful.
Now if only there was a way to show her the truth of her beauty...
A way that wasn't discounted as typical, whimsical, glib.
If I could... I would say...
You are simply beautiful and beautiful now.
If you want to work towards some physical changes... that's cool.
As long as you're doing it for you.
But it's more than just going to the gym... it's how you shop... how and when you eat, let alone ... what you eat.
But that's another story and something to be pursued because you want to.
In the mean time... find a way to believe in yourself ... believe that you are truly beautiful.
It will make things sooooo much easier. :)

~ k... gotta go.

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