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Survivor XVIII Update. :D

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Every Year... There’s Always One

Where in... Coach joins the ignoble ranks of Survivor GAME SHOW contestants that make the dumb-ass-of-the-year-award pronouncements. After which Debby turns on him and begins plotting. Jeff does the “I will now mess with you emotions” thing and we get a seriously messed up Taj and fears of Stevie going cannibal. Odd alliance last-ditch-efforts and lots of love.

Survivor 18... in 291 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Thirty nights down the path and presto... Coach is telling the camera and the campers, with the maniacal conviction of a chaos lord “I don’t care about the million, I’m only care about my integrity...”. I wipe this season’s requisite BARF off the television and the rug-leading-up-to-the-television then get on with the cliché. Debby turns on him and tries to plot... and the editors layer in a thunder clap as she says “May god strike me down...” as she’s swearing her alliance to Stevie and JT. Jeff puts cash in their hands and offers up food to take it away again. Stevie gets the goat-behind-door-number-two with a skewer of chicken hearts, but when Jeffy holds up a smart (video) phone everybody demurs to Taj and she ends up doing the ugly cry over two point five inches of husband saying... (and it took her a moment to get it) “I’ll see you back at camp”. Dude, you should have seen her. LOL. “Can we go now? Now? Can we go... NOW?” Taj takes this theoretical hardship to go to exile with her hubbs allowing everybody else to get theirs back at camp. Stand Outs were Coach’s “Assistant Coach”(read: bung-slave) that goes all chiropractic on him, JT’s pink-dental-elastic-mouth-full-of-braces-little-sister... had to laugh... just had to. Stevie’s brother is worried Steve may eat him... oh, OH, and Coach, chatting to his toe-picker actually says “Do you know what THEY ALL call me? Dragon Slayer”. Bwahahahahaha... er... what he meant to say was “Do you know what I call myself?”... dip. The boot the loved-ones out, Deb promises JT and Stevie that she’d be happy with Third (wtf?) So they play Immunity (it’s an obstacle thing that Stevie stunningly wins) and boot her off. LOL.

Most Memorable Moment
“Don’t eat me...” competes with how bat shit wacko Taj was going when she realized hubs was back at camp.

The winner...
Again... It’s looking like it’s all about JT.

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
Tribal was boring. It was one of those... oh, and we vote off so-and-so, meanwhile not much in the actual edited show lead us that point. But whatever... Bye Deb.

Two Things...
~ hahaha... coaches “loved one” is his assistant. Telling.
~ “I don’t care about the million...” And then BANG... all the other campers kill and eat him.

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