Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, May 8

Got the screen done. :)
Good as new.

Today was a good day.
and by "good" I mean "stellar" :)

Day starts with sunshine and a nip in the air... quickly giving way to a light breeze and GORGEOUS.
Crazy rain and thunder in the middle of the afternoon... a steely gray lead up to that...
And now? Totally beautiful again.

~ long pants to start... black jeans...
~ got home from that and into shorts. :)
~ Job Jar Day... again. :)
~ get up and feed the boys, wave to Ed, say see-ya to Suz and drive Geo to the park and ride.
~ drive to the skatepark at 8:10... expecting puddles... finding none!!! Spend two hours there having a blast... all alone. :D
~ home to get a delivery from Culligan (salt for the water softener... fifteen bags! gah!)
~ clean things... feed me...
~ tackle the screen replacement project on the porch... which takes most of the afternoon.
~ had a contractor friend over to give me some advice about a little water damage we're getting around our shower stall. (going to be easy peasy to fix. :D)
~ going to the art show tonight... Edward's painting is featured. :)
~ oh and watch Survivor later. :D
~ that cerulean_me is ok!!!! for goodness sakes!!
~ for mspish to feel a lot better ... instantly!!
~ and congrats to blonnie on the mark!!! :)

A friend posted this youtube in her LJ. (thanks phenomenull)
[ :: a little inspiration, if you please... :: ]

Looking for:
Best Canadian price on a Playstation 3... 80 gig.

Edwards Painting. (He's smiling on the inside. :D :D)

:) see ya.
~ and enjoy your friday night! :D

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