Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, May 7

But indoors was fun. :)

~ khaki shorts... yes, the same ones. my new shorts... are all too lose??? I hate "belt with shorts"... that just seems wrong.
~ job jar day...
~ up with the family... feed the boys and pack Ed off to school... wave as he heads for the school bus, then wave to suz when I take Geo to the park-n-ride to catch a commuter bus downtown to Ottawa U... and wave to him. :)
~ go home... make latte... turn on radio in bedroom, climb into bed with latte on the bedside table.
~ smile
~ get up post-latte and post post-latte nap...
~ get busy. :)
~ fixed the kitchen fawcet... stunningly I swapped hot and cold. Had to drain the lines again and take it all apart to turn some little bit 180 degrees... and presto.
~ got about eight jobs out!! (just finished the "vac and wash main floor" entry).
~ no idea about dinner yet... but I'm guessing ... swine.
~ A little tv tonight? Dollhouse is fun. :)
~ Survivor's on tonight...
~ that danicia found that number...
~ to welcome kitiara back from the future...
~ for good nights to chase bardiva through dream land...
~ and that jobunches catches a lucky break.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-misty... (nola_misty). May the year ahead protect your love and let you protect everything else! :)

Guy with sensitive skin?
Face sometimes reacts poorly to blade shaving?
Just can't get the job done with a razor?
When this guy just really wants it to be smooth...
Over and above just some average day...
Here's what he does...
Warm wet face...
Little dab of hair conditioner in his damp hand.
Rubs hands gently...
Rubs hands all over shaving zone.
Now... apply shaving cream as usual.
It seems to not foam up as much... (geek: surface tension of the foam bubbles offset by "wetting agent" or penetrating properties of the conditioner)
But ... shave.
And be amazed.
Not sure if it's a go for everyday... not sure of the impact on the skin of repeated use of the conditioner.
But seriously...

I really gotta go start sorting out dinner.

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