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Survivor XVIII Update!!

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Kid Napp’en

Where in... the post-Tyson Coach peels back his latex face and reveals the scary lying evil monster within... wow, it’s Clay Aiken. No seriously though, he’s a scary monster. This epi is all about how bad it sucks to be Sierra.

Survivor 18... in 336 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
With Tyson gone, Mr. Dragon Slayer is expecting Sierra ... to like and trust him. Yeah... I know, right? They play “I Smash You” as a question-based Reward game. “Who do you want to see win the least? Who is most likely to stab you in the back?” etc. And they kept say’en Sierra. Sucks to be her... but man. Lots of Coach hating on Sierra and Steve wins the game and Erin goes to Exile. Dinner with some locals and swimming in a trippy spring. Taj goes on reward... and kidnaps a baby. (the local families kid falls, and she goes into mama mode.) Coach starts to feel the heat and goes for the reforming of the old tribe... Sierra is having none of that, and pushes back on Deb and Coach. Coach’s planetary sized ego decides “I need to get a concrete answer from JT on who HE wants to be in the final four.” ... because he’s so likely to just follow. LoL. They get to this evil plot thing with Coach and Deb working the lie factory in double shifts to paint Sierra into the devil costume. Seriously, the dude lies like a rug. Steve remembers to bring a sweater to Erin when they get together for Immunity. (bonus points) and they play this two stage game of “toss the hook” and then operate a labyrinth board ... and giant penis head er... Coach, wins... and talks about it endlessly. Next up is Sierra calling Coach and Deb out. It goes poorly but in the end, Coach contradicts himself and a little of latex face peels back. At this stage is looks – oddly enough – to be JTs game to lose. They do the Jeff Show and toss Sierra onto the Jury with Tyson and Brenden. Note. They didn’t show Sierra’s exit speech.

Most Memorable Moment
Sierra telling Coach she’s not interested in being in an alliance with him. LOL.!!!! :D

The winner...
Gah... Steve, JT... all the cool kids are gone. :)

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
Jeff throws a handful of some strange powder into the fire and the smoke wafts over the gang. Then he hands them all daggers... and turns on a flashing red light. Coach kills everyone.
Wait... wait wait wait... I was imagining that... sorry.

Three Things...
~ remember when they used to get hungry?
~ Loved Ones... on-deck! :)
~ what did the “Never Again” mean on the Stevie vote?

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