Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, May 6

And you wake up to a brighter sort of night
Without beams or brilliance.
Just a day.

Being a wednesday... it flies past like a rocket ship.
My busiest day of the week was an excellent day.
Just no sunshine to speak of.

Tomorrow... well, tonight actually, it is s'posed to rain.

~ I have a "no tuck" nice shirt... the surgeon green one... (it's not quite but ... whatever) that has mysteriously got a wee tiny ... burn hole on the front, near the bottom. Strange but true.
~ so now I have tuck-nice-shirt... sorta surgeon green.
~ wore that today. :)
~ pants too... even though it's Wednesday
~ the Wednesday Show. New team joins the wed. morn. meeting... just making things cooler. (it is almost ill how I'm digging work success with emotions normally reserved for anything-but-work.... clearly this is a derivative situation stemming from my general happiness. :D
~ gym at lunch...
~ and sorting out my work universe all afternoon.
~ and tonight? besides stopping to get eggs and pizza... nothing special. :) Maybe more Dollhouse. Is fun. It beats up Being Erica, drags her out back by the hair and pees on her time-travel-drama-fest.
~ that cybersweetie feels the love...
~ for all dire circumstances... to work out so well... as lisabella makes her way...
~ to send a hug out to acoolsecretary... just cuz...
~ and that katie8471 keeps a bucket of water around... for witchy-poo....

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to the original Sugar-T. :D (tonya). May the year ahead keep you and your family safe... and happy... and open new doors for old skills and old doors for new thrills.

I just answered the phone... it's on the sofa beside me.
A man with a difficult-to-understand accent, on a crappy line connection, is talking about some promotion that Bell Canada is offering.
ah... wait... there... I can hear him saying "hello? hello?"

Try to imagine...
How much I love you...
Mooo Mooo mooo moooo

~ :D See ya.

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