Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, May 5

~ serial killer levels of happy. :)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!
A whole bunch of people celebrating an ancient defeat of the French!!!
Always a good reason to get yer party hats on.

And stop... I have lots of historical perspective on having a negative vibe for the colonial french.
That does not translate into some kind of insult to a contemporary french person.
Stop being a weener.

Well... another beautiful day.
I've seen the snag in the plan for this week... with Thursday and Friday off... it appears that they will be the only days it rains.
My plan is to tear into the job jar... (need to replace another screen on the porch) and skateboard!!! :( ah well...
I'm sure I'll come up with something. :)

~ dark trousers... nice new black tee and this blue button up shirt... I felt good... so I'm pretty sure I looked good.
~ Tuesday... busy day.
~ no gym... no skatepark... gotsta get loads done at work. Lucky clients. :) Fortunately for me... I like them. (phew)
~ GET ALLEN keys at the hardware store... 'cuz I just DO NOT have one that fits the Moen tap in the kitchen... must replace the "cartridge"
~ enjoy my night. :)
~ that blushingblaze gets to enjoy herself ... some Cook. :)
~ that thetech doesn't pull too many all-night-keggers at college...
~ that wee little Sheridon and mommy, blonnie get a whole butter bunch better...
~ and that minarets doesn't get too Drunk-o-De-Mayo...

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to cynnerth... a proud mom, a loving partner and a really wonderful woman who has been very full-of-surprises in her journal lo... these many years. May the year ahead keep you and your family healthy, happy and full of love. :)

I had never realized how badly Tivoli sucks binacas...
IBM should be ashamed of what they've done.

So the cops screech to a stop ... several cars... in front of your house... at 515 Beacon Street.
They assume defensive and aggressive positions and haul out the bull horn.
The yell... "You!! In 515 Bacon Street... You are surrounded. Come out with your hands up!!"
So you go to the door to yell... "This is Beacon Street... NOT BACON".
Unfortunately... they storm the door as you open it... beat you down... unconscious. Hand-cuffs... ambulance...
They sack your house looking for guns...
And after a couple of hours... someone notices ... "Oh wait... this is Beacon Street."
~ and you have to sue them for compensation... let alone home repair?
A completely different version of this... is playing out in the courts on Canada's west coast.

You know...
An interesting side effect from spending 9 years on lj...
Is the unfortunate impact of "Perspective".
Sometimes... you can see a pattern being played out.
Ah well... everybody gets to play.
And if you wonder if this is about you...
Then it prol'y is.
So may I just say... the most generic, ideal, and honest advice anyone can give another person...
"Know when to stop."

~ K... time to go.. hahaha.. I need to stop.

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