Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, May 4

sweet mercy... it's beautiful outside... all day and into the evening. :)
Unfortunately, there was a relentless "ticking" sound coming from within the ceiling tiles at work...
The solution seems to be a two phase thing...
Phase 1 involved removing something from the ceiling that ended the ticking...
And introduced an unforgiving, non-stop, blast of cold-air out every vent in our neck of the cube-farm.
I'm talking... wearing a sweater and wrapping a blanket around me.

Ah well... the sun is out and happy.

~ monday... trousers, shirt and tie...
~ but that was then, this is now... strong bad (hi kim) and shorts. :)
~ three day week with client #1, so I've got a busy three days...
~ managed to get to the gym today...
~ and to cost-co on the way home to take back three shirts and get three others... all one size smaller. :)
~ make pasta for dinner, stirred in left-over chicken, and made some red sauce... easy dinner and yum.
~ hoping to watch Mentalist tonight. :)
~ for cynnerth's Mike to ... bask in options.
~ that roaring_woman ... is smiling...
~ that chandrielle realizes she's all that...
~ and a happy wedding anni to debby

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday wenchlette... I hope the year ahead... and the choices... are awesome! :)

Hiney? The Hiney Virus?
This is better than swine?
Reminds me of that famous episode of Futurama when the professor lets Fry know that Uranus was renamed to Urectum.

Haven't had time to do the Amazing Race Updates... :(
However... I think her name is Jennifer... the black chick... one that can't swim... young athletic affluent - as opposed to poor - woman... who can't swim...
Had to pee... Literally... stopped to pee for 2 minutes, was passed by another team and lost... along with her partner.
They knew they were being pursued ...
I cannot believe she didn't elect to just piss her pants as she was running.
I'm sorry... but for one million dollars... you pee in your pants.

~ K... gotta go. :)
Have a grand evening. :)

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