Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, May 3

Hervey died last night.
I miss him already.
ah well... such is the life, and death...
of an angry little ganglion. :)
~ I was work'en on Ed's room* last night... and with a popping noise...
Hervey ruptured as I leaaaaaaaaaaned into something on my hands and knees.

Suz and I watched the first epi's of Doll House last night.
Was fun.

Oh, and Suz got in a car accident yesterday.
In a wallmart parking lot.
Small deal with dents in bumpers.
Ah well...

~ shorts... shorts from now till september... at least... when I can get away with it. :)
~ up early to collect Geo from his friends house...
~ home to put him to bed... sick and stayed up stupid hours watching movies.
~ watch survivor... (laugh...)
~ wake up family...
~ yard work...
~ feed family...
~ and now it's now and I'm about to go work on the IKEA project with Suz. :)
~ later? More DollHouse. :D
~ to send some love out to bratt72... because she really deserves it.
~ that my sweet friend innerly... is finding life will return to normal... soon ... !!!
~ and that I had more time... but IKEA is calling me!!!!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday my sugar-g (earthgoddess). I hope you have a lovely day and that the year ahead gives you plenty to smile about.
Um... arkos? Did you move to Nova Scotia? Happy birthday my potential east-coaster.
A very happy birthday to my brother across the sea... ayoub. You are great and caring friend, to me, and to so many. I hope the year ahead rewards you in kind.
And to jjnslat... one hell of an overachiever. :) Happy birthday my friend... May there be great pleasure in store for you this year.

Yesterday, Suz and I accompanied Geo to Ottawa University.
Geo is one of eight kids at school that were invited to take "university mini courses".
We sat for the orientation session with about 100 kids and their parents from across the Region.
Geo is taking a Computer Animation course.
I felt a tremendous sense of pride as he sat there absorbing what was going to be happening.
He attends this course at The University of Ottawa all week. :)

* we bought a big IKEA thing... "expedit" wall-oh-shelves and attaching desk and two little drawers.
This took two cars to bring home... seeing as neither of us has a roof rack or a mini van... :)
I cleaned out Ed's room last night... lot'sa lego... lot'sa hand-and-knees.
Lot'sa kill'en Hervey.
~ which means I don't have to go to the hospital in late May for the doc to stick things in it.

peace frog...
blue sunday. :)

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