Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 30

~ head... desk...

An amazatron day... but a headache dogged most of it. Something about air pressure?
Loves to see the sun... soooo much. :)

One more day...
me? Me = wants friday... five PM. ASAP!!!

~ eh... nice pants, and one of those "don't tuck in" shirts... tailored around the bottom, blah blah blah...
~ I call those "fat boy shirts" when I see them on other people. :)
~ busy day... a day with a plan. :)
~ woke up with a frigg'en "pressure changed" headache... low pressure day... weather wise and the result... a headache.
~ work... deal'en with busy and trying not to encourage chaos...
~ lunch hour... off to Goodlife ... 45 minute deal... clean up and go back to work clutching a sub sammich. :)
~ oh, and I stopped at 'bucks, used wifi, laptop and ebay to buy a candy shell for my iphone (Check it out. :D)
~ work work work...
~ home to make a quick dinner... after b-ball with geo...
~ chores with suz
~ and after watching LOST with the family, and reading to Ed at bedtime... and making lunches...
~ it's finally now. Late. :) (Heck, it's almost tomorrow)
~ I had six extra hours today... :D
~ that lyselu stops kick'en her own butt...
~ for yumikid to enjoy the swing!!!!
~ to send a smile to nutmeg... just 'cuz you're precious.
~ and that sleep is a dear friend to ayoub. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday Mr. the_laird... may there be "nuth'en but net" in the life and times of you!! I hope this day... starts off a great year.
Happy birthday sugar-mel... eternally_pink. I hope there is happiness chasing you through your day. Have a wonderful day!!
And Happy Birthday andysoft... where ever you are...
And dear dragon... Happy birthday sylvidoptera. I hope the world spins you in just the right way to bring rewards and love. Peace sugar... :D

Did you hear the news?
They've gotta change the name of the Swine Flu. (honest)
The pigs are offended.
No seriously though... PEOPLE ARE PUNISHING PIGS.
(see picture above) head-desk!
Apparently the WHO is getting complaints from Jews and Muslims because they're not liking the porky'ness of all this.
AGAIN... Head Desk!!!!
Talk about people that need to get a little perspective.

I listened to a young woman read her poem "Berlin" on CBC radio in a slam...
It was truly awesome. Awesome.

It's 11:57... ack!!!!

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