Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 29

~ I am intrigued by the way my head curves back ...

A beautiful day... started darn cold... but the big yellow ball made short work of warming things up. :)
Everything is busy now... for a bit.
Family stuff, work stuff, extended family stuff... Lots to think about.
And? It all settles down in a couple of days...
So I'm banking on enjoying this weekend.

~ did the whole shirt and tie deal today...
~ but it's tee time now... :D
~ the "Wednesday Morning Meeting" was kinda awesome (as far as work goes)... lots going on and this is good. (Makes the day zoom by. :D)
~ get home to make a fab dinner (chicken kiev, rice and cauli... - see below. :D)
~ Ed has a swimming lesson tonight...
~ short visit from my parents after his lesson... (My da's been carving Ed a wand - the harry potter thing is still going strong - and it's delivery night)
~ hope to watch Chuck after that... then put the kids to bed...
~ and clear up some paper work...
~ make lunches...
~ pass the heck out... :)
~ tomorrow was a holiday... and friday too... alas... I have to wait for next week for that... (beams!)
~ for good fortune to watch over the house of weswilson tonight and tomorrow... well, always, sure,... but especially tonight. :D
~ to send lj love in ocean sized buckets to innerly... just 'cuz...
~ and that annietopia is ready for some seriously head-banging music... (lol)

Birthday moments... (It's Team Twenty Nine b-day day... :D)
Happy birthday aprilfool29... may you have many happy bits to tweet about...
And happy birthday sickboy... may the music get found and the musicians deliver!
Happy birthday (to the much absent) sugar-shan ectv... I hope there is good health and great fortune finding you.
Happy birthday sarah_cares... a smarty pants in my books and I hope you are finding the path you're hunting for.

Yes indeed... I would say it's a safe bet that everybody - who matters - is overreacting about the little piggy flu.
Not exactly sure why anyone in their right mind wouldn't think that this was a good thing.
A wonderfully grand and good thing.
Certainly, any alternative course of action would be... just a total fail.
Embrace it.
Get on board and pay attention.

I know you are but what am I?


~ it's what's for dinner... :)

:) see ya.
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