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Survivor XVIII Update!!

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Debby Does Back Flips

Where in... the Sierra saga sinks to a new low as she is told over and over that she’s ... toast. Coach is once again tortured with cool shit he doesn’t get to do and Tyson shoves his feet in his mouth... once too often. :) It’s time for a little fun at Jeff’s Fire Pit Of Doom

Survivor 18... in 431 words...
...aka "The show in as few words as possible")
So Brendan is gone, and Sierra is twisting in the wind. She ambles over to coach and tries to teabag him with her dumb ass approach to excusing herself ...I think she should just tell Coach to go fuck himself and stop trying to suck up). He goes ahead and pulls his bag out of her mouth and tells her she’s next!!! Tyson does the same except takes the time to formulate another sound byte for the editors ... something about “I hope she cries a lot.”. ...dick head). The Reward game... is a honk’er. Boards, holes, vowels, puzzles and a secret phrase all to get one team or the other to a big lunch-time-theater moment with a jungle feast and this dancing-martial-art thing... basically a bunch of guys doing synchro cartwheels. ...scary stuff). The winners included Errin... and the reward included the invitation to dance and flip and spin... immediately after shoving eleven pounds of food down your pie hole. The expected results were manifest as the jungle played host to various puddles of survivor-puke. Oh, and Debby manages to do a few back flips. Her underpants have a plaid pattern in the crotch. :) The winners sent IBS to exile ... worried that there would be a new idol ...Brandon’s idol left the game with him?) but alas, there was only a new clue to same ol’idol. Sierra – beaten down and feeling low – is pretty much teary girl all the time.... She’s losing it. They play “Shivering Survivor Shuffleboard” for Immunity and Sierra ALMOST wins... so close she was dancing. Little Miss Back-flip, however, brings her A game to shuffleboard and wins the day. Tyson and Coach use the opportunity to lay it on thick with Loser Girl Sierra and we get another Tyson sound byte “I hope she cries a lot.” And then... IBS notices that Tyson didn’t win Immunity. GASP. He tells two friends, and they tell two friends, and so on and so on ... er... I mean he tells Taj. Next thing you know JT is in and the votes are locked. Then they go to Jeff’s Happy Place. He ...Dom Jeff) fucks with Tyson, asking him if he feels safe... then he fucks with Coach... getting coach to say that he wants to have only the strongest with him at the end... and then asks Coach why he fried Brandon? LOL. Jeff lays it on thick with the two ball busters... the votes go down and PRESTO... it’s 4 to 3 against Tyson. :D :D :D Happy corto moment as Tyson gets snuffed. :)

Most Memorable Moment
Toss up between Debby’s panty-crotch post back-flip or Tyson’s face when the whip comes down!!! ...Whhhhhhip... cool-whhhhhip... cool-whhhhhip...)

The winner...
I got nothing... I hate them all and I can’t imagine one of them winning... Although JT is kind of a fun boy...

The Pitt
...aka "Tribal Council")
Dear Jeff:
You are really a nasty piece of work. :D :D LOL.

Two Things...
~ Dude!!! Next week will be fun. :D
~ Dear Sierra... stop being a sucker.

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