Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 27

~ the best mug for corto... in the known universe. (it say's The Redrose Tea Sisterhood.)

TMS Day...

Well the weekend was a wash... :)
As in... washed all my clothes... did lots of chores... watched a movie... had a family dinner...
and never spent any time on the interwebs. Thanks to captain iPhone... I read some tweets... but that's about it. :O
I'm pretty sure that after 8 solid years of day in day out posting, 18 seasons of survivor posts and spooning out corto-sugar...
That you guys are sick to death of me.
ah well... you'll have to hunt me down and kill me to stop me... :D
but I'm really nice in person... so you'll have to make it a sniper kind of thing... 'cuz if you get too close...
I'll win you over with my charming ways... :)
ar ar ar...

It's a nice day.
I don't want to work... I want to bang on my drum all day. :)

~ dark trousers... dark short sleeve shirt... no tie.... even though it's monday.
~ Yeah... it's a Monday. Stop bugging me about it. grrrrrrr....
~ Oh yeah... at it's going up to 29... like, a good day to spend on a patio... or a skatepark... or in the yard at home... but in a windowless, ugly cubicle? Dude...
~ tonight? Watch AR from last night.
~ edit: big power outtage around here... off from 5 - 8. bummer. Went to Eastside Mario's for dinner. :)
~ to send some love out to cerulean_me... because you can never let someone else define your love. Power to you for... defining it yourself. !!!! (go go you!)
~ for my dear friend innerly and any one else living in the hot zone... to be safe from the evil swine...
~ to smile because pageeater has such a big smile on her face...
~ and sweet sugar-t... tonya to truly cherish the days before school starts for wee Josh. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday sugar-beree... (razzberee) my little razzle-dazzle... :D I hope you celebrated your day with friends that gave you plenty to smile about... and not just because you're so beautiful when you smile... :)

I reached the "end of my wits" today.
Several months ago... I ranted and raged about how my tax prep season was a mess... because I had worked several weeks in the US last year and for some unknown, and unexplained reason I had to file a US Tax return.
After much complaining, whining and generally being a dick... I submitted to the will of my masters...
My W7 and an application (after going to the US embassy to get a photo copy of my passport certified) was made for something called an ITIN. This is like a social security number for a foreign worker.
I spent countless hours filling out on-line questionnaires with the accounting firm I was assigned to work with... to authorize crap... and others to explain the details of my taxes.
Everyone - at every stage of this - tells me that I can't have my taxes submitted until I get the ITIN to use on the forms.
Well today I got a letter from the IRS telling me that my application for the ITIN was rejected because IT WAS NOT ACCOMPANIED BY MY COMPLETED US TAX RETURN.
To use words like "frustration" and "rage"... just doesn't cut it.
I've decided to use a work very much "done"...
Well... to actually use that specific word. :)

What is this Love?
It's free, uneventful and it keeps showing up...
It is unexpected... marginally appreciated, kind-of-exciting, but filled with an odd, detached sadness.
It can only live in my heart... in the one place it is truly meant to be.
It never gets to see the light of day or run around the coffee table laughing.
Its sad... I know... but it's enough... because life is like that... and... it has to be.
It's a quiet love, mostly unspoken and sometimes, an almost secret thing.
It has no agenda and never expects to be well understood.
It tries to fill my heart...
It can't... cuz' that's my only "big and strong" part...
I know this love.
And I will never let it go... because you are who you are and I love you for that.

Total Monday Spaz (TMS)
Got to work without a) my lunch or b) grabbing the bag I put in the back hall with my other nice pants and blazer... (dry cleaner plans gone south). And dude... I need that lunch! :(
Mostly... I want to just go home and not work.
Nobody would notice if I left...
ar ar ar....
Actually, I guess they would... eventually
So I call Suz... we make a plan.
She'll come to my office... bring my lunch... and we'll both go to IKEA over the lunch hour to look at shelves for Ed's room.
And ... just when I'm expecting her to arrive...
Phone rings.
It's my client boss... at a restaurant... patio... with EVERYONE ELSE on my team... saying...
"How come you're there and not here?"
Apparently I wasn't paying attention at some point last week... when the message was "Team Meeting at Morts Pizza"
Sadly... I begged off because... I already have plans. :)
Total spaz.
Monday spaz

K... see ya.

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