Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, April 23

~ you can see Hervey...

Today is all about anticipation...
Anticipating how awesome tomorrow is going to be...
And it's a friday...
And I'm working in a government department.
I could prol'y run naked through the offices...
If I was actually keen to... run... naked, etc.
Which I'm not... at least... not at the office.

~ a little thursday casual with a sweater...
~ but the evening has been all about jeans and a tee.
~ just a regular work day...
~ until I looked in the mirror near lunch and decided I needed a hair cut... immediately.
~ someone named cassandra did a fine job of massaging my scalp when she washed my hair and then... cut it all off. :)
~ ok... not all. :)
~ then... THEN... called the Doc that I missed an appointment with (to look at Hervey) and PRESTO... got an appointment for 4:00 today! (wicked).
~ Doc tried to "burst" it... ack. hurt like shit!!!! didn't burst. :( Have to go back in late may for a quick operation (basically shoving a needle in it... etc.) ack!
~ Oh, and still managed to get a crap load of stuff done at work.
~ that lindalee_ ... gets all better by sunday,
~ for the excitement brewing in bardiva to just boil up and over... :)
~ and that I get all the sleep I need tonight. :D

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday mrssuperbad... I hope all is well with you and your adora-monkey baby... Have a lovely celebration of your day.

Watching "Parks and Recreation"... we'll see...
eh... it was eh.
30 Rock... continues to be great. :)


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