Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, April 22

Happy earth day. :)

Another crappy day, weather wise... but no matter. :)
I was too busy to notice.

Now the weekend... it's s'posed to be gorgeous. Big gorgeous!!
I'm excited.

Sadly... I have to go to work tomorrow and friday.
(I would much rather spend two days building a ramp... or snoozing on the sofa... :D)
~ sigh.

~ all about the jeans...
~ started out nicer than that... but hey... things change.
~ up and crack'en for an early meeting...
~ but as soon as I pub'd the minutes from that, I grabbed my gear and hit the road.
~ starbucks for a free coffee (earthday... bring your own mug)..
~ and then spent the next five solid freaking hours screwing around with Price Waterhouse Cooper's Tax Web thing... working on my canadian and us tax returns (see //)
~ made one of my fav "easy dinners"... grab a freezer pack with four porkchops... thaw in the 'wave, make rice and cook the chops in this red sauce... make a veg (brocolli) and presto... big dinner for four.
~ watched Ted tonight... taped Lost... suz and I will watch that with the boys tomorrow.
~ now it's now and it's late. I've had a long day and I really feel like I never ever stopped... :(
~ I want to stop now...
~ for the godess to watch over one of chiropteraclan students... er... ex student...
~ that sirenity holds onto that wonderful vibe... for ever...
~ and that lianna can get the taste of soap out of her mouth.

Yeah... just say'en...
Load up QuickTax 2008... two hours later I have Suz and my tax returns done and ready to e-file.
But Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I have to spend a lifetime trying to get the same information into PWC's web site...
AND THEN try to make sense out of the questions on the US Tax return thing...
"Do you have a loan from a bank outside of the US?"
Sadly... neither of the radio button responses are "Well d'uh!!!"
So mind numbingly frustrating.
Only good part... I'm billing my mother-ship bosses for the time I spend on this.
They handed me the problem... they can pay for it too.

Found a website ... that I should have found ages ago but I had other things on my mind...
Found a website with an almost endless supply of original shakira footage from a decade and a half of performances, appearances and interviews.
This is gold for a superfan. :)'

~ me = ssssuper tired. :(
I have to get some sleep.
see ya.

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