Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, April 21

yeah... icky day. Cold and rainy...
BUT I had my car... so I could go and get coffee...

Found a cool store..."The Pond Clinic"... by walking into their CAR (car, painted up with company logo, etc.)
And... I just happen to be absolutely needing to find such a store for stuff to do with the homeowners association...
We have a huge pond.

~ was all done up in the dark "nice stuff"...
~ but it's all about jeans, a tee and a sweatshirt now. :)
~ busy day...
~ getting into my summer "goals" with work...
~ and planning time off!!!! planning on pretty much making every week short... all summer long...
~ spicy chicken for dinner
~ and relaxing for dessert.
~ that zaxwrit... is inspired towards greatness. :)
~ for nutmeg to be able to stay away from the trains...
~ and that crushdmb doesn't melt...

The ongoing canadian news item about the Vancouver Airport RCMP detatchment tasering this non-english-speaking polish dude ... five times... till he was dead.
There's been some kind of "enquiry" going on.
Recent headline...
"There has never been any evidence that a taser can cause death."
Does this not bring you back to a bunch of tobacco execs swearing in court that there is no evidence that cigarettes can cause death.

You hear the classic version of this all the time...
Here's my version.
"All I know is the Flying Spaghetti Monster loves me.
He has a plan for me and I know he loves me.
I know the right thing for me is to honor the Flying Spaghetti Monster's love and live by his word.
Love your Flying Spaghetti Monster and he will love you."
~ just say'en... no dif.

George's bed fell apart.
IKEA... 10 years old.
Need to ask my pa about the best way to reestablish the integrity of the "foot board".
The IKEA'ness is all about how the side panels connect to the back panel.
The back panel... is not supposed to come apart ...
We need to fix this... or exhaust ourselves trying.
New bed is on the horizon...

Have a great evening... :D

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