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Survivor XVIII Update!!

Survivor XVIII: Tempo Para Sofrer

Seriously? WTF?

Where in... the land of the blindside surprise “Get Off My Island” vote, is well in hand. Big plots get set... that seem to magically vanish when they get to Jeff’s fire-pit-of-joy. Coach gets his freaky on, calls Sierra pooh, and does not get to go on the big white water rafting adventure... sucha!!!! :D

Survivor 18... in 214 words...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
So night 21 of their big adventure and they spend it listening to Coach tell ‘em about his unfortunate incarceration by Amazonian Jugle Bunny’s. I was thinking Coach morphed into Baron Munchausen there for a while.... Of course, nobody believes him – even if it is true (and if it is, he should know better) and he just keeps going... getting more freaky by the minute. It ends with his water yoga exercise warrior thang at dawn. :) He (Coach) takes the time to diss everyone again... and he calls Sierra pooh!. Reward is a game of “break things” with a white water rafting adventure for a prize - and the Coach didn’t win!! Hahahahaha... (Bran, JT, and Debby win) They send Idiot Boy Steve (IBS) to exile where he has to figure out (after 21 days!!!!) how to get a fire started!! And to his good fortune, he does.) Debby gets some fuzzy beaver video as she Brittany’s out of the raft... and Brendan gets busy plotting a Coach blindside. The plots abound but the immunity game puts the necklace back in Tyson’s hands after he proves to be a monkey in the “Tied to a rope? Run through these obstacles” game. Despite all the good plots... and the great quotes from Coach as he goes all heroic with the “I’m the dragon slayer” crap... they still manage to screw over the voting and Bendan goes, while wackadoodle Coach stays. :?????

Most Memorable Moment
None... not for me. I officially did not like this episode. The editors are going mental with their efforts to confuse us. It’s no fun if we end up feeling like we watched A TOTALLY DIFFERENT SHOW than the one that leads to the voting.

The winner...
Erin or Sierra... please not Coach or Tyson... ick.

The Pitt
(aka "Tribal Council")
WTF? Just ... seriously... what?

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